Did EastEnders just reveal the return of this MAJOR character?

Will we see Max's ex-wife back on the Square?

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EastEnders have mentioned Tanya Branning in their latest episode and fans are convinced that means she’s going to return.

In what felt like a very crow-barred anecdote, Lauren told how her mum and dad used to do a pub quiz, but Tanya got barred after getting drunk and shouting out the answers.

Jane responded: “Remind me, I owe your mum a phone call.”

“Yeah, me too,” said Lauren. “We’ve been doing them video chats so she can see Louie, but it’s just not the same is it?

“I think it’s really getting to her, she’s never properly met him.”

Given Tanya is not a million miles away from Walford in Devon, it wouldn’t be all that hard for Lauren to pop down for a weekend to visit, now would it?

So if that’s much of a big deal and Tanya’s that upset about it, surely a trip to Walford to meet her grandchild is long overdue?

Both of her daughters are there, her grandson is there, and now her estranged husband Max is back too.

We all know he’s up to no good – could it be Tanya that comes home to sort him out?

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Max’s put upon wife left Walford in 2013 after realising how badly her on-off relationship with Max was affecting Lauren.

Actress Jo Joyner reprised her role for the 30th anniversary live episodes in 2015, where she made her infamous ‘How’s Adam’ remark referencing Ian Beale’s real name.

During her last comeback, she did reveal she was still harbouring feelings for Max and wanted to see how he felt.

It never went anywhere, but could it now? Has Max secretly been living with her during his year away rekindling their romance?

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Whatever the storylines, fans are sure we’re going to see her in Walford again before too long.

Elizabeth Helen said: “Name drop… Tanya is going to pop up on Easties soon then…maybe to help stop Max in his evil scheme [sic]”.

With Christopher Hampton tweeting: “Heavy mention of Tanya there, I wonder if she’s coming back?!”

Cerys Emily picked up on it as well, saying: “Is that some sort of hint Tanya will be coming back”.

We really, really hope it is a hint because Tanya is just what the show needs right now.

With confusing storylines, a bus crash that didn’t kill any major characters, and resident blondes Linda Carter, Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell all departed, there’s a Tanya-shaped hole that needs filling.

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