Has Coronation Street revealed a surprise exit for show fave?

It's been a trying few months

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Coronation Street fan favourite Chesney Brown has really been feeling the pressure the last few months and it looks like he’s set to leave Weatherfield to deal with his demons.

It all started when girlfriend Sinead Tinker left him for Daniel Osbourne. It cut Ches up and Daniel’s aggressive threats and demands the kebab shop worker steer clear of Sinead didn’t help.

But Chesney was never far away from Sinead’s side and when she discovered Daniel had pushed Ken Barlow down the stairs, Ches was there to pick up the pieces.

The pair soon reunited, but when good-hearted Chesney went to clear the air with Daniel, he ended up in the middle of an violent altercation between Robert Preston and drug dealer Rich at the Bistro.

Things got bad for Chesney when Rich stabbed him (Credit: ITV)

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The ginger one was stabbed and rushed to hospital fighting for his life. That’s when his problems really began.

The experience has left poor Ches totally scarred emotionally and he’s struggled to even leave the house of late.

He did go back to work at the takeaway, but couldn’t hack it when a gang of lads on a stag do came in and in the midst of a panic attack, he fled.

Chesney had a panic attack in the kebab shop (Credit: ITV)

His worst mistake came however when he decided he was strong enough to go outside and ventured out of the house with his nieces Hope and Ruby.

But when it all became too much for him, he ended up leaving the girls on the bus while he ran away.

Ches left Hope and Ruby on a bus (Credit: ITV)

Viewers had feared for his life after he was last seen on the edge of a riverbank, but thankfully, he’s alive and getting some medical help for his PTSD at last.

Although the latest pictures released suggest he’s not really getting much better as he’s set to depart Weatherfield.

The snaps show Tyrone Dobbs dropping Chesney off at Manchester Airport and the pair sharing a warm embrace that looks distinctly like a goodbye hug.

Ches has got luggage, which Ty helps him unload from the car, and then in another shot a concerned looking Chesney takes a call on his mobile.

Who is he talking to? Have his sister, Fiz, or his girlfriend Sinead got wind of his plan to do a flit?

Will they manage to talk him out of leaving for good?

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Of course, Chesney’s son, Joseph, lives abroad with his mother, Katy, in Portugal. It’s highly possible Chesney’s just heading off there for a break away from it all, to see his kid, and get some sunshine on his skin.

A temporary holiday might do him the world of good – but running away from it all forever, we don’t think that’s the answer.

Let’s hope he’s not gone for good.

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