has nadia essex lost weight

Has Nadia Essex lost weight? Dating guru is a ‘better mum’ after dropping three dress sizes

She welcomed son Ezekiel last March

Nadia Essex has revealed she’s a better mum after dropping three dress sizes, but how much weight has she lost?

Back in March, Nadia revealed that she had given birth to her first child.

She became a mum to a “perfect” baby boy called Ezekiel, or Zeek.

However, with her pregnancy came the inevitable weight gain and, in October, the former Celebs Go Dating coach revealed she’d lost more than a stone.

Now Nadia has revealed the impact her weight loss has had on her parenting skills in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Daily.

nadia essex on red carpet pregnant
Nadia Essex has lost more than a stone in weight after welcoming son Ezekiel (Credit: Can Nguyen/Shutterstock)

Has Nadia Essex lost weight?

Nadia revealed that she’s lost a stone since welcoming baby Zeek.

And, she said, she believes she’s a better mum as a result.

“The better you feel within yourself, the more energy you’ve got and the better mother you can be,” she said.

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“When you eat clean you feel good from the inside out. If I even have a healthy two or three days I feel on top of the world.

The better you feel within yourself, the more energy you’ve got and the better mother you can be.

“It really does change your mindset and give you lots of energy which is what you need.”

However, Nadia admitted: “But it’s very difficult to do at the moment. We’re in lockdown, the diet’s definitely gone out the window.

“I’m still having broken sleep because Zeek’s teething, so I’m definitely more relaxed when it comes to my diet.”

Does Nadia Essex feel sexier after losing weight?

Since losing the weight, Nadia said she finally feels sexy again – so once lockdown lifts, could a new man be on the cards for single mum Nadia?

“It’s been a tough year for people who were looking to date. But I’ve known a few people who have found love in lockdown so it is possible.

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“At the moment I’m just trying to focus on getting through the days, but I’m hoping soon it’ll get back to a new sense of normality and I’m looking forward to getting out there again and seeing what it’ll be like in terms of dating.”

After leaving Celebs Go Dating, those searching for love will be pleased to hear Nadia is still on hand with help and advice.

In fact, she’s launching a new show on TikTok, called Love & TikTok, to help singletons find love in lockdown.

Becoming a mum saved her from ‘black hole’

Nadia also revealed that becoming a mum saved her from falling into a social media “black hole”.

The dating guru, who has had her fair share of trolling over the years, revealed: “You don’t have the energy to even worry about the drama, the little things.

“Pre-baby I had so much time on my hands, it was very easy to get narcissistically involved in googling your own name and finding out what people were saying about you and very much falling into the black hole of reading forums and stuff like that.

“Now I just don’t have the time which is actually wonderful because life is so much better when you’re not searching for other people’s approval and validation.

“I’ve definitely taken a massive step back in terms of social media because I just don’t feel the need to any more. And I’m happier as a result,” she said.

nadia essex in a red dress
Nadia has called for more support for people on shows such as Love Island (Credit: Supplied)

Trolls aren’t ‘fundamentally happy’ with themselves

Nadia also opened up about the impact of trolling and said that, some days, it does hurt.

“Some days you wake up and you laugh it off and other days you wake up and you feel a little bit mentally more weak and they hurt. It’s a day-by-day thing.

“There are days when you could take on the world and anyone could say anything and you’d brush it off. But there are other days when you’re tired and emotional and hormonal and someone will say something and it will hurt and it will make you cry because it hurt your feelings.

“It’s important to try and empathise with people who are trolling,” she said.

“There’s nobody that is trolling that is fundamentally happy with themselves. It just doesn’t enter your psyche. If you’re happy within yourself, your relationship, your home and your skin there is absolutely no way on this planet that you would think to write something negative to someone you don’t know online. It’s just doesn’t happen.”

Nadia also revealed she felt like the “whole world” hated her when she started receiving death threats.

“I mean, it’s not nice, it’s horrible. You feel like the whole world hates you, and that’s a lot to take on one’s shoulders.”

She added: “But the platforms need to take a lot more accountability.

“There’s a difference between freedom of speech and protecting the right to have freedom of speech and then also people thinking it’s their right to put their opinions on a social media platform.

“And I think that’s where the lines are blurred.”

nadia essex and her baby
Nadia told us she feels ‘blessed’ to be mum to adorable Zeek (Credit: Supplied)

More support needed for Love Island stars

Nadia also called for more support in light of the recent spate of suicides among former Love Island contestants.

“I think it’s just easy to blame the trolls,” she said.

“People are struggling so it’s important that we find different ways to support people…

“Whether that includes more options to talk to someone, more support from production companies, more support from management, from their managers, more support from society as well, because it’s very very difficult once you’ve had a taste of fame.

“What are they supposed to do? Go and get a job in Tesco? They could, but then they’d get thousands of messages of people having a go at them for getting a job in Tesco.

“It’s very disheartening. We should encourage people to follow their passion and not financially rely on their 15 minutes of fame that Love Island may bring and normalise normal jobs,” she concluded.

Nadia’s new virtual dating show Love & TikTok launches February 1 exclusively on TikTok UK. For more, follow Nadia @ladynadiaessex.

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