Has Love Island just unveiled reality TV’s biggest EVER show-off?

It was Zara's Miss GB bragging all over again

Love Island contestant Marcel Somerville has had the nation in stitches.

The 31-year-old had a secret, but didn’t want anybody to know.

However, he managed to tell partner Olivia Atwood, 26, and stunning 23-year-old Jessica Shears.

Marcel tries to impress Olivia about his famous past but she didn’t know who the band were! (Credit: ITV2)

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“Everyone’s been asking me questions about what I do and that kind of stuff. I don’t really want to give too much away.

“Because obviously I don’t want to change people’s thoughts. I’d rather keep it between ourselves because I don’t want everyone to get a bit awkward,” he told Olivia.

“I produce music now but when I was younger I used to be in a band. Do you remember the band called Blazin’ Squad?

“I was from the Blazin’ Squad. About ten of us. I look totally different to how I did when I was in a band. It is a bit of a weird one me being in here,” he said.

The Blazin’ Squad in 2003 during the height of their fame (Credit: Wenn)

Is it Marcel? Is it weird? Or is it just a way to show off your amazing talent?

What was really awkward though is the fact the Olivia didn’t have a clue who Blazin’ Squad were, and got them mixed up with So Solid Crew, the band Alesha Dixon was part of.

Luckily, the stunning Jessica gave him a better reaction, as she actually knew who the band were.

Luckily, Jessica found his secret amazing (Credit: Wenn)

He told the cameras: “The reaction to my Squad news. She was a bit more excited about that than Olivia was. We’ve got quite a good rapport going.”

She was probably just being polite, mate.

Twitter users went to town on him and couldn’t help but notice he was doing exactly the same thing as Zara Holland. She was constantly telling the lads that she was Miss GB.

Even Olivia Buckland from last year’s show found Marcel hilarious.

In last night’s opening episode, the drama was already kicking off.

Jessica was sent in to choose a guy that was already coupled up, and she picked Dominic Lever who was paired up with a very jealous Montana Brown.

It turned out that Jessica and Montana have history too.

Jessica knew exactly what she was doing when she swooped up Dom from Montana (Credit: Wenn)

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They have dated the same guy in the past, and it was at the same time! Jessica wasn’t happy that she was dating her guy as she got there first. She sought the perfect revenge but stealing Dom away from her.

Dom walked towards her after she announced the news to the group, and told Montana: “Sorry, babes!”

She definitely didn’t seem sorry though!

Tune in for more shocking twists tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.