Has Jez McConnell finally revealed he’s dad to Steph Davis’s baby?

Just as the wee one is about to arrive!

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Jeremy McConnell has always denied he is the father of ex Stephanie Davis’ baby and has refused to be part of the child’s life.

However, he dropped a HUGE hint that he is in fact the dad.

While Steph, who is due to drop any minute, is preparing to have her son, Jeremy is enjoying himself on a lads holiday in Thailand.

Are you even surprised?

Jeremy McConnell shared this selfie from Thailand earlier today

Jez captioned a Snapchat post: “Waiting for you son,” along with three heart emojis.

Although this seems like a genuine message to his unborn child, a source close to Steph has insisted it was just another dig at her.

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The insider said: “This is just another example of Jeremy trying to rile Stephanie.

“Even when she is hours away from giving birth, he can’t just do the right thing and show her even an ounce of support or respect.

The former CBB star upset fans with this Snapchat post

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“Perhaps he genuinely doesn’t believe he’s the father of her child – or perhaps he’s just in denial.”

Steph is adamant that he is the father of her unborn son, but angry and bitter Jeremy was convinced otherwise from the start.

She said: “Jeremy knows the truth.”

The 23-year-old fell pregnant after starting up a fiery romance with Irish model Jeremy McConnell in the CBB house in January 2016.

When Steph announced she was pregnant with his child, an uncharitable Jeremy tweeted: “That’s ridiculous. I’m not going to be a dad. If she is pregnant, it’s not mine.

“If I was a dad, I’d be 100 percent no, 110 percent, the best dad in the world.

“But you’ll see in the future that it’s not my kid, and she’ll look like a mug.”

So is Jez winding Steph up? Or has he finally accepted he’s going to have a baby boy.

Watch this space!