Has Jesy Nelson had her heart broken?

Speculation is rife as she deletes Chris Clark from her Instagram feed

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They only confirmed a month ago that they were going out, but already it looks like there is trouble in paradise for Little Mix beauty Jesy Nelson and her TOWIE star beau Chris Clark.

On March 17, the pair announced they were a hot item when Jesy posted a picture of the pair of them kissing.

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But now almost a month later it would seem love is off the agenda, after it was noted that she has wiped him for her life.

Now in modern terms that means she has deleted any trace of him off her Instagram feed.

So any pictures, any video clips that she had previously posted or any mentions of him are gone.

It was also noted that she has unfollowed him on Instagram, which if you have followed the Steph and Jeremy relationship rollercoaster you will know is possibly the most hurtful thing a young person can do to another.

Of course, eagle eyed Little Mixers were fast to notice the social media spring clean and were speculating about what might have happened.

Are they over? Or is Jesy just being a little more private about her relationship?

And if she’s deleted him from Instagram, why do pictures of the couple remain on Twitter?

Who knows? Jesy and Chris have said nothing as yet about the current situation and are probably enjoying the intrigue they have spectacularly created.

Where’s Benedict Cumberbatch when you need him to solve a mystery?

Actually, who needs the funny looking fella, when we have canny armchair detectives casting their eye over matters.

Some have pointed out that during one of Little Mix’s performances of Shout Out To My Ex on their US tour, Perrie Edwards sang the second verse of the song which is usually sung by Jesy.

Does that mean the lyrics are too painful right now for Jes?

The plot thickens, eh?

Whatever the truth, fans seem to be divided about the split.

Some have reached out to the singer to comfort her during what could be a tough time, while others appear to be happy that the Jesy-Chris era is over.

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Some fans were not happy about her relationship with the long haired TOWIE star, as many still mourned her split from fiance Jake Roche last year and hoped that the pair would reconcile.

This relationship speculation comes in the same week that Jesy warned fans that if they continued to write nasty things about her relationship with (especially about his hair) she would be blocking them.

We’ll keep you posted!