Has Jessie Wallace ruled out an EastEnders return?

Actress has said she doesn't miss the soap and she hates THAT catchphrase

Some celebs are defined by their catchphrases – think how many times Richard Wilson heard “I don’t belieeeve it!” bellowed at him from across the high street, or how often Car Share star Peter Kay must turn down a lift from a fan hoping for some light-hearted banter.

But usually the stars take it with good grace – except for one former resident of Albert Square.

Jessie Wallace, who played Kat Moon for a decade and a half, was famous for many things including her gravelly voice and penchant for leopard print.

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But during a 2001 scene, on-screen daughter Zoe Slater (aka Michelle Ryan) uttered the four words that would follow Wallace around for the next 16 years: “You ain’t my mother!”

It went on to define her time on the show, and she’s revealed that she absolutely hates it when fans remind her of it.

The star says she hears it yelled at her almost every day, and told the Daily Star: “Someone did it yesterday and I just gave them a dirty look.”

“When people see me they say ‘Go on… say it, say it’ and I’m just like ‘No’.”

Wallace left ‘Enders in 2015 with on-screen husband Shane Richie to star in spin-off show Redwater, which debuted last week.

It picks up on one of EastEnders’ more bizarre plots, which had Kat somehow give birth to a second baby without noticing – and in the new show, she’s searching for her estranged son.

Wallace went on to say: “I don’t miss being on EastEnders… not really. As an actor you like to move on and do other stuff. I don’t really miss it at all.”

But does that mean she won’t be coming back? If she’s not bothered by her absence from the show, will we never see Kat and Alfie in Walford again?

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If Redwater continues to be a success, that may get another series. And EastEnders have always been hazy about whether or not the couple will return.

Whether she returns or not we bet the thing she misses least is her catchphrase – even if it’s still the thing she’s remembered best for.

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