Has Hollyoaks Kieron Richardson REVEALED who killed Amy?

The star made a big slip up on This Morning

Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson’s character Ste Hay is at the centre of a major whodunnit in the soap.

Amy Barnes was found dead in last night’s E4 episode and Ste is the prime suspect.

Appearing on This Morning alongside Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, Kieron appeared to let slip that STE murdered her!

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On screen, Ste suffered a blackout and can’t remember what happened. But he returned home with blood on his hands and in a complete state, so there’s every chance he could have done it.

The show have reportedly filmed multiple endings in order to keep the killer’s identity a secret.

But Kieron could have blown that wide open when he said to the hosts:

“All I’m going to say is that Ashley Slanina-Davies who plays Amy Barnes, it’s an absolutely fantastic episode, even in the final scenes when I was…str…with my…no.”

He then put his head in his hands and collapsed back on the sofa, admitting he was going to get in so much trouble.

He asked whether This Morning was really live before saying “I can’t really concentrate right now because I feel like I might have just lost my job.”

Oh dear!

Holly quickly pointed out he could blame it on “baby brain” as the actor is currently expecting twins with his husband Carl Hyland.

With just five weeks left until their boy and girl arrive by surrogate, it’s not long to go now. And fans believe because he’s going to be a dad that means he can’t possibly by Amy’s killer.

But Kieron revealed: “I think because people know that I’m having babies that they’re like, ‘Well it’s not going to be him because he’s just having maternity leave. They’re gonna say it’s you and then you’re gonna come back for a bit.’

“But that’s not the case, the story has been planned since before we got pregnant.”

So does that mean he could have done it? Viewers certainly think so.

But others think it was all staged and that Kieron hadn’t made a mistake at all.

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Everyone seemed to be in agreement though that it was the best interview ever with many calling him “hilarious” and telling him they loved him.

Never mind, Kieron, we’re pretty sure Hollyoaks wouldn’t sack you over that…

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