Has Gemma Collins already found her sperm donor?

This is a turn-up!

Gemma Collins has made no secret of her desire to be a mum. And now it seems her ex-boyfriend turned gay best friend could be offering his services as a sperm donor!

Her fellow TOWIE star Charlie King – who these days is also Gemma’s personal trainer – has said he would love to be a dad and would consider helping his friend achieve her baby dreams.

Charlie, who originally starred in the reality show in 2013 before leaving and later coming out as gay, is currently working with Gemma to help whip her body into shape.

But after the 36-year-old admitted earlier this month that she’s considering using a sperm donor to start a family, Charlie could end up helping Gemma with more than just her fitness levels…

“Miss Collins is very unpredictable – she’s not sprung the sperm donor thing on me yet,” Charlie told The Sun Online.

“But I would like to become a dad, I had a nephew and it’s amazing having a baby in the family. Me and Gemma are getting on very well at the moment. She hasn’t asked me yet but if she did ask me, I’d have to really think about it.”

The pair have been spotted working out together a lot over the past few weeks and it’s believed that Charlie’s rigorous work-outs are behind Gemma’s slimmer figure.

“We’ve done an overhaul on her lifestyle – from her sleeping pattern to her diet,” explained the 31-year-old.

“We’ve found the right exercises – it’s not military and it doesn’t mean she can’t have X, Y and Z. We do everything that makes her respond positively. She’s responding well because she’s been listening.

“She’s got bad habits, she can be quite lazy and she always says she hasn’t got time but my comeback is – if there is enough time in the day for Beyonce, then there is enough time for you!” he laughed.

“Gemma is on a mission and I want to get the best out of her.”

The pair will also soon be reunited on screen, as Charlie has rejoined TOWIE for this latest series.

“It’s the right time for me now,” he explained.

“My sexuality stuff was a real struggle for me but when I came to terms with it I realised I was putting fear into my own head. The fact that I denied I was gay and I tried to date girls, there was an embarrassment about it and that’s why removing myself was so important.

“Being back and being able to be myself is amazing, I’m comfortable in my own skin. I used to try and keep out of sight but in this show you need to own who you are – this time I’m doing that. I feel really confident.”

Charlie returns to TOWIE on ITVBe on Sunday March 26th.

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