Peter Andre has fans in hysterics with VERY naughty photo of wife

We wonder if Emily has any idea what Pete's done?

Peter Andre’s fans know he loves a joke – so perhaps it’s no surprise he couldn’t resist slipping a naughty innuendo into a sweet photo of his wife Emily cooking.

The cheeky popstar, 44, gave fans a glimpse of Emily whipping up a delicious Sunday roast yesterday… but there was something a tad rude lurking within.

Can you spot it?

Look at the front right hand side of the snap… next to the carrots.

See it now?

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Yep, it seems Mr Andre found it oh-so-funny to arrange a cucumber and a couple of lemons to resemble, well, you know what!

Peter joked with fans: “Emily cooking a lovely Sunday roast….. I know what you’re thinking… those lemons are far too big!”

One fan replied: “You’re fantastic. But really is that wishful thinking.”

Another said: “Your cucumber is pretty impressive as well.”

A third joked: “Cheeky! It’s not the size of the lemons but the length of the cucumber…”

And a fourth added: “The cucumber Is very long and wow…”

A fifth quipped: “Here’s hoping the cucumber doesn’t make you feel inferior in any way.”

Others, meanwhile, were more baffled by how a cucumber could be incorporated into a Sunday roast.

One wrote: “Why is there a cucumber on a Sunday roast?”

A second puzzled: “I was thinking what’s a cucumber doing with a Sunday dinner…”

And a third added: “I’m thinking why is there a cucumber out for a Sunday roast.”

Answers, anyone?

Peter and Emily are parents to daughter Amelia, three, and son Theo, one.

He’s also got son Junior, 12, and daughter Princess, ten, from his marriage to ex-wife Katie Price.

The star recently appeared on Loose Women to discuss his parenting, after receiving backlash for saying he wanted his kids to view him as their best friend.

His response? Get over it!

He said: “First and foremost, you have to be a parent, but when I look at my parents and how strict they were… I couldn’t talk to them about a lot of things.

“Although my upbringing was good and I appreciated it and I know they showed me love, who did I speak to when I was confused about something? I spoke to my brothers, but not everyone has siblings so who do you talk to?”

Peter said: “I instil the same strictness my parents instilled in me but I also want them to know they can talk to me about absolutely everything.

“They do become your friend as well – you have to gain that trust for them to come to you about anything.”

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Peter also gave an insight into the rules he has at home including “one screen only” which means the family can’t watch TV and play on their phones at the same time – they can only use one screen at a time.

He also refuses to allow any screens over dinner, insisting it’s a time for the family to come together and talk, rather than watch TV.