Ruth Langsford has fans drooling over new Strictly eating plan

Presenter offers up a very tasty platter

With just a couple of weeks to go before Strictly kicks off, its stars are preparing for the physical onslaught the show will bring.

And Ruth Langsford has already started to get fit and healthy so she can be whizzed around the dance floor by her partner with ease.

Yesterday the This Morning star posted a mouthwatering clip on Instagram of her Sunday lunch.

And no, there wasn’t a roast potato in sight!

Instead, she had opted for salmon, avocado, tomatoes, ham, potato salad and prawns.

Yum. Ruth unveils her Sunday lunch! (Credit: Instagram)

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While it might not be as appetising as a slab of gravy-slathered meat and crispy ‘tatoes, she had her fans licking their lips.

Fans were licking their lips (Credit: Instagram)

One said: “Looks good! Avocado is one of my favorite health foods. Good fat is necessary for those wanting to lose fat. Sounds strange but it works.”

Another said: “Oooo! That does look good though. Think i could put Sunday Roast on hold for once. Good luck with Strictly xx.”

Some fans said they might starve having to eat that platter (credit: Instagram)

But there were some who turned their noses up at the healthy platter.

One said: “I’d have to starve Ruth, I only like tomatoes on your plate x”

But even though this is a rather healthy looking dish, Ruth has a very healthy attitude to food and isn’t worried about diving head first into a chocolate cake.

Ruth has a personal trainer and eats well, but does’ deny herself any treats (Credit: ITV

She works out, has a personal trainer and has posted meals she likes to cook online such as stir fry chicken.

However, she admits that now she is over 50 she is keen to stay looking as fine as she does.

“I always like to look  good, but as I get older I have to work harder at it,” she says.

“I have to watch what I eat and what I drink – wine is dreadful for the waistline and I have to exercise more.

Ruth warns that wine is bad for her waistline (Credit: ITV)

“I have a personal trainer twice a week and try to do at least two other things such as swimming and cycling.

“I hate when people in the public eye aren’t honest about how hard they work to stay in shape – there are people who are a size eight and insist publicly that they eat whatever they want and never exercise, when you know in reality they are on a constant diet and workout daily.

“It can make other women feel inadequate. I do work hard at keeping in shape, but I’m not obsessive.

“I love to eat, drink and socialise with friends.

Ruth says she hates women who den themselves treats once in a while (Credit; FameFlyNet)

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“Life is for living, so I do eat chocolate cake. My son made me a lovely Victoria Sponge for Mother’s day, full of cream and covered  in hundreds and thousands – I had two slices.

“One of my pet hates is when you are out celebrating a special occasion and other women out with you don’t join in! What harm will one piece of birthday cake do!”

Amen Ruth!

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