Has Cheryl’s ex just hinted at the real reason they spilt up?

Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini says that there were some down sides to being married to her

When Cheryl Tweedy – yes, she’s back to Tweedy again – revealed in 2014 that she had wed Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini in secret, we were in shock.

Of course, as we all know now the marriage was over after two years and it wasn’t long before Chez had fallen into the arms of a One Direction star almost 10 years her junior.

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But now Jean-Bernard has hinted at the reasons why their marriage didn’t work out.

The 36-year-old restaurateur says he did not enjoy being married to someone who was such public property.

He said the pop star life they were living in was “mad” and it wasn’t for him.

“I married someone who was famous,” he said. “I was thrust into this mad world – I didn’t like it.”

He also said that being part of a high-profile relationship, he found himself being sucked into that world where he was scrutinised and criticised, which hurt him.

Jean0Bernard says that he is single and focusing on his career (Credit: Instagram)

“There was really awful things said about me, about my family, but I feel like I survived it. And I’m here surviving, doing my thing.”

Now with his relationship with Cheryl just a distant memory, he is focusing on work and has just opened a pop-up restaurant named Versini in Cannes for the 2017 Film Festival.

JB has been hanging out with everyone including Ore Oduba (Credit: Instagram)

“I’ve lost a lot. I don’t have my parents, I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m alone now,” he said, adding, “When I’m not with someone I don’t think about them. Right now I’m focused on work.”

His restaurant was named as a tribute to his late mother and it’s looking likely that this pop-up is just a teaser before he opens a restaurant in London.

JB opened a pop up restaurant in Cannes this week, which Naomi Campbell visited (Credit: Instagram)

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Versini has proved popular already with the likes of Naomi Campbell popping in for a lettuce leaf.

Meanwhile Jean-Bernard himself has been a regular face on the telly, chatting to Richard Arnold for Good Morning Britain and Ore Oduba from Strictly for This Morning.

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