CBB to destroy famous family forever with latest rumoured sign-up?

This feisty lass has upset her other half's family - imagine what she'll be like with a bunch of strangers?

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Celebrity Big Brother is best known for various things.

Reviving someone’s exhausted career.

Raising the profile of vacuous glamour girls whose bodies defy belief and who will dutifully take their tops off for screen time and controversy.

And introducing the world to fairly unknown guys or gals (US reality stars/someone’s spouse, mainly) who make a name for themselves by being rude/argumentative/generally thick.

Well, the latest ‘star’ name thrown into the mix very much fits into some of the third category, and looks set to cause controversy as she is one mouthy momma!

Faryal Makhdoom has revealed that she has been approached to do the show.

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Who, you ask?

Good question!

Well, she is Amir Khan’s feisty and immaculately made-up wife who is slap bang in the middle of a family feud!

Not just any family feud – one with HIS family.

Apparently his nearest and dearest reckon that she is a “fame hungry” and “very evil”.

But she doesn’t seem to care and has spoken out various times about the way the family treat her and has boasted that her marriage to hunky boxer Amir Khan is “stronger than ever”.

“After everything Amir has been through I’m the only one still standing here – no one else is. I don’t see some of his friends, I don’t see some of his family members,” she apparently told the Daily Star.

“But I’m still here. That makes him realise, ‘she is The One’. After all the negativity and stuff Amir gets, at the end of the day he comes home to me. So I really don’t [care].”

We wouldn’t want to get into a slagging match with this feisty miss (Credit: Instagram)

As a result Amir has cut ties with his family even though he has hinted at a reconciliation, recently telling reporters: “I think the best way for this to work is both parties sit down and hopefully settle things and speak things out.

“My wife is happy to do that. It’s all just petty stuff really. It was small stuff that just got big.”

Last month Faryal, who graduated from Rutgers University School of Arts & Science with a double major in political science and journalism, revealed that she had been approached by CBB producers to appear in this summer’s series.

Unsure about whether or not to take up their offer, she asked her fans to help her to decide what to do.

They were all in agreement that she should do it because they reckoned the show could turn the New Yorker into the next Kim K.

And we reckon she could be a great housemate, who wouldn’t suffer fools, so could be great telly.

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But now she’s put it out there into the public arena that she’s been approached by CBB producers – does that mean she’ll be ditched from this summer’s line up?

We’ll just have to wait and see!

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