Has Carla come back to Coronation Street to DIE?

Will she refuse help for her kidney failure until it's too late?

Carla Connor’s big secret was revealed in Corrie on Friday – she’s got kidney failure and without treatment, she could die.

As Roy blurted out her shocking secret, Carla refused to tell her family what was going on with her – leaving worried Mr Cropper fretting and Googling how to donate a kidney (Roy and Carla are true #friendshipgoals, aren’t they?).

Can Roy save Carla from her own stubborn nature? (Credit: ITV)

But now rumours have surfaced suggesting Carla could be back on the cobbles to die! Surely not?!

As Roy pointed out in Friday’s episode, when it comes to a kidney transplant, Carla’s best chance of a match is with her family.

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Luckily her dad Johnny, sister Kate and brother Aidan, all live in the Street.

Carla won’t ask brother Aidan for help (Credit: ITV)

But reports in The Sun say a soap source has revealed Carla will refuse to tell her family what’s wrong until it’s too late!

“Carla is too proud to ask her family for help even though they are the only people who can help her,” the source said.

“She’s in desperate need of a kidney transplant to survive but she won’t reach out to the people closest to her.

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“Carla’s in serious trouble. She’s playing a dangerous game with her own life.”

And the source added that Roy could be the only one who could save Ms Connor.

Roy will beg Carla to see sense (Credit: ITV)

“He will beg her to see sense but Carla’s a stubborn woman and viewers will be left wondering if this could be the end of Carla Connor once and for all.”

Fans are already worried that Carla’s returned to the show just to be killed off.

“PLEASE DON’T LET CARLA DIE,” wailed one fan. While another added: “Carla cannot die in corrie!”

And one desperate viewer warned: “If Carla dies I’m never watching Corrie again.”

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