Harvey Price makes mum Katie ‘so proud’ in adorable new video

Harvey is an amazing big brother

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At the height of her fame as her glamour model alter ego, Jordan, Katie Price received the devastating news that her first child, Harvey, would never be able to see.

Fast-forward 15 years, Harvey is making mum Katie Price proud and defying doctors – by reading to his little sister, Bunny.

Katie’s fans were moved by the heart-warming video posted to her social media, showing Harvey holding a book to his face and reading to little Bunny.

Katie shared a sweet video of Harvey reading to little sister Bunny (Credit: Instagram)

The reality star can be heard from behind the camera saying: “You’re so good at reading your books Harv, aren’t you?

“Oh my God, did you enjoy that Bunny?

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“That makes Mummy so happy.

“I’m really proud of you that you can read a book about frogs and to Bunny nicely too.”

Katie is clearly very proud of her eldest son, taking to social media to post pics of him (Credit: Instagram)

The video ends with Katie and her son saying that they love each other.

Katie captioned the video: “So proud of Harvey reading a book to Bunny…

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“Harvey is amazing and considering I got told he would never see he can read a book…

“But obviously can’t see well but he tries so hard…”

This latest video comes after Harvey learned to scuba dive on a holiday in the Maldives, again overcoming his disabilities.

Katie is very close to son Harvey

The venture was documented in her new show Katie Price: My Crazy Life.

 On the show, she says: “This is why, whatever I do with him, I try to push him to do things.

“Just because you’ve got disabilities doesn’t mean you can’t do anything.

“Fifteen years ago they doctors said he wouldn’t walk, talk, do anything really and now look at him.”

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