EastEnders: Halfway secret finally revealed – but fans are upset by something else entirely

Viewers were livid - but NOT with Halfway!

EastEnders sweetheart Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway finally revealed his big secret last night – the squaddie isn’t a war hero after all (although that is a matter of opinion).

But it seemed fans were quick to forgive him as their annoyance was all aimed at his “hateful” brother Stuart.

In fact, quite a few fans seem to think the REAL secret is that Halfway has suffered abuse at the hands of his older sibling.

Halfway revealed the real tragedy of war… (Credit: BBC)

In scenes that aired on Tuesday (15 May), Halfway told Mick Carter the real truth about what happened during his time with the army – but only after Stuart tried to force his sibling out of Albert Square.

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When he returned to Walford, Halfway had told Mick that he’d injured himself saving the lives of three children when a building exploded.

But, when big bro Stuart later arrived on the scene, he accused Halfway of lying and threatened to expose him.

Mick Carter forgave Halfway – as did the viewers (Credit: BBC)

But why did Halfway lie in the first place? And why does his brother seem to hate him so much?

In fact, under pressure from his brother, Halfway admitted that although he did save three kids, he couldn’t stop a comrade losing his legs in the explosion or save the childrens’ mother from being killed.

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“Listen, this world is a nasty place. You’re brave. You’re good. That’s all that matters,” Mick assured him.


But, as Stuart’s plan to get Halfway out of Walford failed, he caused mischief another way when he paid homeless Hayley to get into bed with Mick while he slept – knowing that Linda will discover the pair together and think the worst.

Nice bloke, right?

Furious fans gathered on Twitter to share their loathing of newcomer Stuart…

One called Stuart “twisted”, while another tweeted: “Halfway’s brother; hate him.”

Other accused Stuart of “tormenting” his little bro, while another believed that “Stuart is a violent psychopath who abused Halfway”.

A soap fan wrote: “Halfway having an abusive brother could be an interesting storyline, but at the moment Stuart is just completely unwatchable.”

Well, they do say the sign of a good villain is to get everyone to hate you.

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