Gutted – Carly really IS leaving Emmerdale

But is Marlon really to blame?

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After months of speculation it’s been revealed Carly Hope is making an exit from Emmerdale. Noooooo!

Her departure will air later this week and will leave Marlon, and April (and us) absolutely devastated.

The arrival of Carly’s ex, Matt, has caused some friction (Credit: ITV)

Rumours that actress Gemma Atkinson had quit the soap have been circulating ever since she joined Manchester’s Key 103 radio station as a permanent breakfast show presenter in February.

She insisted at the time that Emmerdale had been really good about it and she was going to juggle both jobs.

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But now it looks like four months on from starting her early morning wake up calls, she’s called time on the soap.

The show are keeping how – and why – she leaves a closely guarded secret, but we know it’s set to happen later this week.

Recently, Carly’s boyfriend Marlon’s nose has been put decidedly out of shape by the arrival (and non-disappearance) of Carly’s ex-boyfriend, Matt.

Carly and Matt can’t help that the past binds them (Credit: ITV)

When Marlon catches Carly and Matt in deep discussion, he fears the worst and assumes Carly’s cheating on him with the father of her late baby. She doesn’t help herself when she lies to him she’s with Tracy and he can clearly see she’s not.

Marlon’s jealousy is taking over (Credit: ITV)

It looks like Marlon is right to be cautious as soon we’ll see Matt confess his true feelings for Carly before trying to kiss her and asking her to leave with him.

Is that how she’ll go? Or will she decide she can’t be with either of them and head off on her own? And is this really the last we’ll see of her?

Matt makes a move on Carly, but is that why she leaves? (Credit: ITV)

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What we do know is April in particular is going to struggle with her departure.

In information released about the aftermath of Carly’s exit, Marlon is in the firing line as he has to explain himself to the villagers over exactly why she’s gone.

April blames her dad for Carly’s departure (Credit: ITV)

Little April is devastated Carly’s left and blames Marlon entirely – especially when she hears about his near-kiss with Laurel.

With Vanessa Woodfield also overhearing this information, Marlon finds himself with a lot of explaining to do. Will he reveal the truth about why Carly really left?