Coronation Street SPOILER: The Rovers Return’s new owner revealed

Has recovering alcoholic Peter Barlow landed his dream job?

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The Rovers Return has had its fair share of colourful owners through the years.

Annie Walker, Bet Lynch and Jack Duckworth are just a few of the characters who’ve pulled the pints – and pulled in the viewers with their fiery or flamboyant personalities.

And you’ll soon be able to add to that list Peter Barlow, a notorious womaniser and recovering alcoholic.

What could possibly go wrong?

Peter sees the Rovers as a chance to rekindle his romance with Toyah Battersby. (Credit: ITV)

Steve McDonald is being forced to sell his share in the Weatherfield boozer to help pay for his costly divorce from Michelle Connor.

And Peter, played by Chris Gascoyne, is perfectly poised to step up to the plate, having sold the bookies.

He sees the Rovers as a perfect opportunity for him and Toyah Battersby to rebuild their relationship after all the business with his stalker Chloe Tipton.

Is Peter the best person to take over a pub? (Credit: ITV)

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“As one of Corrie’s most popular characters, it was about time Peter had his time at the helm of the Rovers,” a source from the ITV show told The Sun.

“But as always, nothing will run smoothly.”

Weatherfield’s famous drinking hole has seen plenty of drama down the years. (Credit: Paul Walker)

Being the landlord of a pub will expose Peter to all manner of temptations – especially flirtatious women and copious amounts of alcohol.

Intriguingly, though, Corrie boss Kate Oates says there are no plans to run another alcoholism storyline, and that Peter’s stewardship at the Rovers will give them a chance to explore different aspects of his personality.

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So does that mean we’ll see a squeaky-clean new side to the controversial character?

Somehow, we doubt it…