These super-hot celebrities’ bodies have been crowned the most inspirational…

One's a former soap star, another's a footballer!

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It’s that time of year again where we’re all trying to get our bodies looking good for our summer hols.

Most people look to celebrities to get all of their health and fitness inspiration, but there is no particular lady that has everybody shouting ‘body goals’.

Ex Corrie and Our Girl star Michelle Keegan is the nation’s favourite go-to when it comes down to female body inspiration.

A cracking 33% of people think that she’s got the perfect bod, and it is no surprise.

Mich is the top female celeb when it comes to fitness inspiration (Credit: Instagram/@michkeegan)

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Look at her!

Previously talking about her routine, she told The Mirror: “I train myself and I prefer it this way, I put my music on loud and just go for it!”

She added: “I [do] my own circuit which is non-stop exercise for 15mins this involves lunges, push ups, star jumps and box squats.”

With a body like hers, it’s no surprise (Credit: Instagram/@michkeegan)

And when it comes to the celebrity male body, lads look to none other than Tom Hardy.

The Dark Knight actor has men feeling well jel of his bod, with 26% of lads looking up to him.

It’s no surprise lads want Tom’s muscular bod Credit: Instagram/@_tomhardy_)

We’re sure ladies look at him too.

His boxing movie Warrior had everybody ogling his physique.

Tom trained vigorously for his role in Warrior (Credit: Instagram/ @kthompers)

As well as those two gorgeous celebs, Khloe Kardashian was also on the list with 29%, Pippa Middleton with 26%, and Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson had 22% of the vote.

Of course, Zac Efron (18%) and David Beckham (23%) also made the cut.

MiC’s Louise has said that despite being in gym nearly every day, she does have a few cheat days a week.

“I’m obsessed with food. So I can never ‘diet’ or maintain a permanent ‘diet’. Typically I’ll have two cheat days a week where I will eat whatever I want, for example, a roast lunch with lots of roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings, some ice cream, chocolate, pudding, you get the idea”, she told OK!

Louise has everyone wanting her gorgeous body (Credit: Instagram/@louise.thompson)

Phew! She’s just like us.

Here’s the full line-up:

Female fitspo

1. Michelle Keegan 33%
2. Khloe Kardashian 29%
3. Pippa Middleton 26%
4. Louise Thomson 22%
5. Emily Ratajkowski 11%

Male Fitspo

1. Tom Hardy 26%
2. David Beckham 23%
3. Joe Wicks 26%
4. Zac Efron 18%
5. Cristiano Ronaldo 10%

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The survery was done by Be a Better You, and managing director Simon Bubb said: “Celebrities have always influenced our lives in many ways from fashion and holiday destinations to body image and baby names.

“It’s important to remember that while it’s healthy to be motivated by celebrities, social media can paint an unrealistic picture of body image which can be unobtainable in real life. Britons should be motivated by their own goals to improve their fitness levels, but use their celebrity fitspiration to help encourage them on those days when working out feels like a chore.”

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