Greggs introduces delivery service – but there’s a catch

This would make OUR LIVES

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You know how it goes… it’s Saturday morning after a heavy night before, and all you want in the world to make you feel better is a Greggs cheese and onion pasty followed by a sausage roll chaser.

The only problem is every time you lift your head off the pillow, it feels like your brain is trying to escape out of your ear. Sitting upright, much less putting feet-to-floor, feels less achievable than landing a small plane on the surface of the moon.

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If only you could get those golden packages of rescue remedy delivered direct to your door… WELL, now you can. (Kinda.)

Greggs is introducing a delivery service!

Digested that? Now, here’s the bad news – unless you are a Geordie. The scheme is only being trialled in Newcastle for the time being, with a view to expanding it nationwide if it’s a success.

Why Newcastle? Because it is officially the Greggs capital of the UK, with a whopping 29 outlets across the city; more than three times as many stores as the national average.

Greggs Delivered, as it is named, will next be rolled out further across Newcastle city centre, followed by branches in London and Manchester.

Let’s hope the nationwide expansion happens fast!

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Greggs is on something of a public relations (bacon) roll. Last month it delighted the more health-conscious of its customers – they exist, apparently – by introducing sourdough pastry pasties. This ‘shade’ of pastry has fewer calories than the usual variety.

Lunchtime shoppers can now enjoy a guilt-free chicken katsu-filled pasty – it contains just 300 calories.

If Greggs could only combine the two ventures – healthier hangover food straight to our door – we’d offer them lifetime loyalty in blood right now.