Grease star Stockard Channing – who played Rizzo – looks a lot different today

Plastic surgery seems to be the culprit

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Fans of the hit musical Grease have been left in shock after one of the film’s stars Stockard Channing re-appeared in the public eye.

Stockard Channing played the character of Rizzo in the hit 1978 movie starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

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The actress made an appearance on The Andrew Marr show to talk about her views on feminism.

Stockard Channing looks a lot different to her Rizzo days (Credit: BBC)

73-year-old Stockard was keen to talk about how she feels feminism has given women many more rights than they had in her day.

She said: “It seems [to be] like the ‘we hate men’ thing, which in my recollection wasn’t the case at all,” she said.

“It was really about being equal to men – obviously we still don’t have the equal pay thing, but we’ve got an awful lot. It’s a cliche but it’s true: a lot of young women take [things] for granted.”

Stockard played the feisty Betty Rizzo in Grease (Credit: Grease – Paramount Pictures)

She continued: “When I was in college I remember that kitchen table stuff.”

“It was really scary – life-threatening – and that’s something that a lot of people seem to take for granted. It could be taken away.”

Some speculated that Stockard had undergone some plastic surgery, and they took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

One viewer tweeted: “Jeez what has Stockard Channing done to her mouth – I keep thinking of a DC Comic Baddie.”

The actress discussed feminism and her new role in a West End play (Credit: BBC)

Another commented: “Stockard Channing [is] an advert for the perils of plastic surgery.”

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While on Andrew Marr’s show, the award-winning actress also discussed her new venture in a West End play.

She will star in Apologia, a new play about a family and their dark secrets, directed by Jamie Lloyd.