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Coronavirus: Government professor warns of a ‘third wave’ next year

Says that we'll have to wait until a vaccine can be rolled out

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A “third wave” of coronavirus is a real possibility for the UK next year, a government professor has warned.

With the country in the grip of a second surge of the virus, it’s the last piece of news the country wants to hear.

Coronavirus Andrew Marr
The professor made dire warnings about a third wave of coronavirus (Credit: BBC)

What did the professor say about a third wave of coronavirus?

Professor Mark Woolhouse from the University of Edinburgh says that any lockdown would only “defer the problem”.

Appearing on The Andrew Marr Show this morning (Sunday, September 27) the professor also poured cold water on the idea that a vaccine will be rolled out in time for Christmas.

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Professor Woolhouse said that the population will have to live with the virus for some time.

Coronavirus Andrew Marr
The professor appeared on the Andrew Marr show (Credit: BBC)

The professor warns of difficult times to come

Speaking to Andrew, he said: “The government’s strategy is to stick this out for another six months… and that the expectation is after six months, something will be different.

“The obvious something is for there to be a vaccine available.”

We are in a difficult situation for some months to come I am afraid.

He continued: “I have to say that most people I have talked to in vaccine development think that we may have a vaccine in six months…

“But it is doubtful that we will have been able to roll it out on a mass scale by that time.

“So we are in a difficult situation for some months to come.”

The Professor said that we’ll have to live with the virus until a vaccine can be rolled out (Credit: Pexels)

What else did the professor say on The Andrew Marr Show?

The professor was asked if there could be a third wave of the virus.

“That is entirely possible,” he said.

“A scenario I mentioned earlier does actually include this possibility and this is just another demonstration of what I was saying earlier – lockdown doesn’t solve the problem, it defers it.

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“That is why we need some kind of cavalry on the horizon.

“Or alternatively, if we think that vaccine is not going to be available in six months or 12 months or two years or whenever, it may be that we do need alternatives.”

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