Gordon Ramsay’s father-in-law faces jail time after confession

Tana's dad Chris Hutcheson admits to hacking chef's business account

Gordon Ramsay’s father-in-law has confessed to hacking the famous chef’s personal computer.

Chris Hutcheson, 68, as well as his sons Adam, 46, and Christopher, 37, admitted to trying to access Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited’s system.

Chris’s daughter Orlanda Butland, 45, has however, denied the same charge and no evidence was offered at the court in relation to her charge.

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The court heard that an expert discovered more than 2,000 unlawful entries to the computer system.

The defendants could face a maximum possible sentence of two years in prison.

Hutcheson Snr is the father of Gordon’s wife Tana, who the chef has four children with. Gordon and his father-in-law used to have a great relationship.

But then in 2010, the Hell’s Kitchen star had a huge falling out with his wife’s dad after Gordon fired him as chief executive of his business.

It was reported that Gordon accused him of hacking into emails and stealing £1.4million from his restaurant empire for his own personal use.

A very angry Gordon lodged a writ against him and the other family members.

At the time, Hutcheson denied the claims and called Gordon a fame-obsessed “monster” before suing him for unfair dismissal and unpaid wages.

It is thought that Hutcheson received a £2million settlement, and since then, Tana has cut ties with that side of the family.

Ramsay, who is worth millions, has a huge television career in the UK and US.

His businesses have completely been restructured over the years and Hutcheson’s interests were bought out by Gordon to severe ties.

Last year, Tana told The Telegraph the couple were very family orientated, and it’s no surprise, knowing what they have been through.

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“I certainly don’t consider myself famous,” she said. “First and foremost, I’m a mother, and for both of us it’s always been about family.

“People have this impression of Gordon that isn’t the man I’m married to. When Megan brings a boy home you can see in his eyes he’s terrified, but Gordon will be the first to make him feel at home.

“He loves being surrounded by the kids and their friends. He can be strict but he can be very soft. That is who he is.”

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