Gordon Ramsay makes ‘public apology’ to rival chef Jamie Oliver

Hmmm, really heartfelt...

Gordon Ramsay has marked his last episode hosting The Nightly Show with a tongue-in-cheek “apology” to fellow TV chef Jamie Oliver.

The Hell’s Kitchen frontman has been mocking the Jamie’s Italian restaurant chain founder regularly during his stint presenting the ITV late night show.

On Friday’s programme, Ramsay said he had invited Oliver himself onto the programme to make amends, but The Naked Chef star could not make it.

In his absence, Gordon penned a cheeky mock-apology letter instead.

As he dimmed the lights and played some emotional music, he read out the letter, saying: “Dear Jamie, I just want to say that I’m sorry.

“I have been hard on you this week, Jamie.

“I’ve called you fat, I’ve criticised your restaurants, called you fat, said you enjoyed prison sex, and called you fat.

“What I said was hurtful, Jamie. I don’t want to make you cry.

“The last thing I want to do is look at your cute face and think: blubber, blubber, blubber.”

He signed off with: “Lots of love, Gordon,” and placed a kiss on a framed photo of Oliver.

Viewers have enjoyed Ramsay’s playful digs and have said they would love to see The Naked Chef creator hit back.

Jamie has refused to rise to the bait of Ramsay’s quips throughout the week, focusing on filming his new Channel 4 show and his upcoming cookery book based on five-ingredient recipes.

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