Good Samaritan David Beckham to the rescue as old lady collapses

Imagine having him as your Knight in shining armour...

David Beckham showed off his best Good Samaritan skills when he stopped to help an elderly woman who had collapsed on a London street.

The former British soccer player was driving during evening rush hour traffic in Kensington, London, when he saw the fallen woman, who had hit her head after tripping over.

The incident occurred on Friday, and it is thought David was driving home through the capital to the west London mansion he shares with wife Victoria Beckham, and children Brooklyn, 17, Romeo, 14, Cruz, 11, and Harper, 5. reports a fire engine was flagged down by passers-by who stopped to help, and it was then that David pulled up on the side of the road and offered his assistance.

Photos obtained by the website show the 41-year-old in his car with the window wound down, talking to firefighters who were putting an oxygen mask on the elderly woman while she was laid on the pavement.

He offered the woman a bottle of water, and parked his car by a traffic island to block cars on the busy road getting too close to the unnamed woman.

Sally Biddall, who watched the drama unfold, confirmed the soccer superstar was at the scene.

“Was helping an old lady who fell over on my lunch break and guess who drives up to help? David Beckham. That’s who. What a gentleman,” she posted on Twitter.

A spokesman for the London Fire Brigade said, “At around 16.45 a fire engine was flagged down to an elderly woman who had tripped when crossing the road and fell and hit her head.

“David Beckham was parked nearby and had already given her a bottle of water.

“He assisted and when the ambulance arrived was thanked and told he could move on.”

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