Good Morning Britain stars amuse one another with throwback snaps

How they've changed!

Good Morning Britain presenters made one another laugh on Tuesday as they shared throwback snaps to their youths.

The stars decided to show pictures of themselves back in 1987 to celebrate Eighties pop star Tiffany appearing on the show.

Good Morning Britain (Credit: Twitter)
Sean Fletcher, Charlotte Hawkins, Kate Garraway and Richard Arnold shared pitcures of themselves back in 1987 on today’s Good Morning Britain (Credit: ITV)

“This is Kate as you’ve never seen her before,” Richard Arnold said before showing an image of Kate Garraway, 51, when she was 20.

“Look at you!” Charlotte Hawkins exclaimed of the youthful image of her co-host on holiday wearing a lowcut top.

“I’ve got shades on my head working that high pony. I used to dye my hair brown in those days,” Kate said.

Kate Garraway then and now (Credit: Twitter)
Kate said she dyed her hair brown when she was 20 (Credit: Twitter)

Asked who the man in the background of her picture was, she said it’s her brother, Matthew.

The picture was also shared on Twitter where viewers said Kate looked great then and now.

“Wow still as gorgeous now as you was then,” wrote one.

“You still look as lovely as you did when you was younger,” said another.

Charlotte Hawkins then and now (Credit: Twitter)
Charlotte said she regrets the fashion choices of her youth (Credit: Twitter)

But third wrote that they thought Kate had got better with age, telling her: “I like you better now, Kate.”

Charlotte’s picture was shown next, showing the 43-year-old Strictly star when she was 12.

“You look like Tiffany!” Kate said of Charlotte’s look as she had wavy brown hair and wore a black hat.

“This is really not a good look for me, this is when I had my perm and I used to wear all black. I thought a hat was a good look to go with that as well,” Charlotte cringed.

Sean Fletcher then and now (Credit: Twitter)
Sean admitted he cut his own hair which gave him a lopsided look (Credit: Twitter)

“You look great now, but I’m sorry, what were you thinking?!” laughed news reader Sean Fletcher.

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GMB viewers agreed that Charlotte’s style is much better in adulthood.

“Wow bit of a difference to say the least things do get better with age,” wrote one.

Others said she looked like she was channelling Diane Keaton and Boy George back in the day.

Richard Arnold then and now (Credit: Twitter)
Richard had to clarify he wasn’t wearing a wig in his throwback snap (Credit: Twitter)

After giggling at Charlotte’s snap, Sean then had to share his own and admitted his hair didn’t look too great then either.

“I grew my afro out and cut my own flat top. The problem is I cut it at an angle,” he said of the picture of him as a boy.

Richard also looked drastically different in his throwback snap, showing him with a large head of hair.

“He looks to me like a man who has put his hand in a jellyfish tank,” Kate joked.

Alex Beresford then and now (Credit: Twitter)
Alex Beresford was unrecognisable to his colleagues as a boy when he had hair (Credit: Twitter)

“I could play with that hair all day and used a lot of mousse, remember when mousse was a thing?” a nostalgic Richard said.

“It was my own barnet,” he clarified when asked if it was a wig.

“Look more like Donald Trump than Donald Trump used to Richard,” one viewer told the showbiz reporter of his teenage look.

Good Morning Britain (Credit: ITV)
The presenters laughed at one another’s images (Credit: ITV)

Finally the show shared a picture of weather forecaster Alex Beresford in 1987.

“Let’s take a look at Alex’s now, he was about two at the time,” said Charlotte.

“Ahhh. I didn’t recognise him with hair,” said Kate of the cute snap of the Dancing On Ice star as a little boy.

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They then cut to Alex doing his weather report from Kent who clarified he was actually aged seven in the throwback snap.

“What happened, I had so much hair!” he joked.

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