Gok Wan reveals he used to live on two spoonfuls of honey a day

The TV stylist moved viewers as he revealed the drastic way he tried to lose weight

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He’s famous for being the tall, slim fashion guru with the funky glasses but Gok Wan once had a dangerous battle with his weight.

Today he spoke about his fight against anorexia as a younger man and revealed that at one point he was managing to survive – only just – on two spoons of honey a day.

Gok and Freddie opened up about their battle with eating disorders (Credit: ITV)

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The TV stylist revealed how scary things had gotten on Loose Women, alongside cricket legend and model Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff.

Freddie followed Gok by talking about his own weight battles and the fact that he struggled with bulimia.

It’s another important reminder that it’s not just women these days, battling with what they see in the mirror.

Gok says when he was younger he was “monstrous” and overweight (Credit: ITV)

Show presenter Andrea McLean revealed stats showing a third of people with eating disorders are men.

Gok said: “I was monstrous…I was 6ft 1” and overweight.

“My eating disorder started when I went to drama school. I looked around me and everyone was this big and beautiful and I was this big oaf and I remember feeling really…this isn’t right.

“I started dieting and controlled my food intake. I still have my food diary from that time.

Gok said he lost weight eating two spoonfuls of honey a day (Credit: ITV)

“I reduced my meals down to two teaspoons of honey every day. I could go to college in the morning and then go to work in the evening. Of course I couldn’t and I was exhausted…but for me it was all about the control.”

And nobody would have guessed it, seeing cheeky cricket legend Freddie on the green but he told how, at one stage, he used to force himself to be sick while cricket games were still going.

He said: “I was overweight as a sportsman but I knew I had to lose weight, I wasn’t fit and I wasn’t hitting my targets.

“I wanted a quick fix. I’d go out, have a couple of pints and a kebab – then I’d make myself sick.

Cricketer Freddie says that he used to throw his food up after a match (Credit: ITV)

“It sounds daft it started becoming more regular. I ate decent food and I’d do it. I came off from the cricket pitch, eat my lunch and then throw up and go back onto the pitch.”

He only managed to reign in his illness when he started opening up about it to people he trusted: “My wife discovered it first. We were in Dubai and I’d booked us into this nice restaurant.

“We ordered food. I got a scallop cut up three ways for the starter and then a main. After eating it I went into the toilet and threw up.

Freddie says when he told his wife about his problem it was the turn around he needed (Credit: ITV)

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“I remember thinking to myself, I’ve just paid like £300 for these meals and I just threw it up.

“We eat a food group and you learn which is easier to get out. It’s horrible and you know it’s wrong but something compels you to do it.

“When I finally told my wife it was the first time I could talk about it. She helped me and supported me.”