Gok Wan hits back after suffering homophobic abuse at airport

His response is brilliant

Stylist Gok Wan has revealed to fans that he suffered homophobic abuse as he arrived at Glasgow airport this week.

The star opened up about the ordeal and had the most brilliant response to the ‘lads’ that threw abuse at him.

In a message on Instagram Gok, 43, explained exactly what happened when he was walking through the airport minding his own business.

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He said: “‘Lads’ at the airport. When I walk past you and you mutter ‘Queer faggot’ I hear you.

“I don’t turn around and answer you because you are stupid. I don’t throw anything at you because I would be embarrassed.

“I don’t even look at you because you are not worth my face. Have a great time, wherever you are going to.

“I sincerely hope you don’t get any abuse whilst you’re away. Maybe for looking a little different, maybe for not being local… maybe for just being you.”

He ended the post in the most amazing way saying: “Bon Voyage [bleep].”

Fans praised the star for his response and couldn’t believe the abuse Gok was subjected to.

One commented: “It’s 2017. … Are we still dealing with this?”

Another said: “Good for you Gok, morons!”

“You’re beautiful inside and out…..Glad you didn’t let the ugliness of others effect you,” a third wrote.

A fourth added: “You have a beautiful heart, do as you did, just ignore them.”

The star is currently on tour with his show Naked & Baring All.

The show sees Gok open up on his humble beginnings to becoming one of our favourite faces.

But the star has opened up about being bullied when he was a teenager for being gay.

Speaking about bullying Gok told Now magazine: “A lot of it was for being fat or being gay or mixed race. Being gay, the bullying started happening about age 15.”

He went on to say it still hurts him a lot.

Gok added: “It always stays with you. There are certain things that I still won’t do to this day as a result.

“I wouldn’t walk into a working men’s club on my own at night.

“I just would never do it and 
I wouldn’t walk into a bar in London late at night if it was full of Chelsea boys or bankers shouting at each other.”

The presenter was also bullied for his weight during his school days.

Gok admitted that being bullied caused him to develop an eating disorder which resulted in him eating just TWO spoonfuls of honey a day.

Back in May he told Loose Women: “I was monstrous… I was 6ft 1in and overweight.

“My eating disorder started when I went to drama school. I looked around me and everyone was this big and beautiful and I was this big oaf and I remember feeling really…this isn’t right.

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“I started dieting and controlled my food intake. I still have my food diary from that time.

“I reduced my meals down to two teaspoons of honey every day. I could go to college in the morning and then go to work in the evening.

“Of course I couldn’t and I was exhausted…but for me it was all about the control.”