Gogglebox viewers shocked as Ellie and Izzi make inappropriate joke

The sisters' comments about a United Airlines passenger being dragged off a plane were considered to be in poor taste

Gogglebox viewers were appalled when sisters Ellie and Izzi Warner made a sick joke about United Airlines passenger Dr David Dao.

Various Gogglebox stars were shown watching footage of the horrifying moment when the American doctor was dragged off a flight due to overcrowding.

Most of the families were disgusted – but Ellie and Izzie seemed to find it funny.

“Oh my God, that would make an amazing Snapchat story,” said Ellie after watching the scenes.

Replied Izzi: “That would be straight on my story.

“What caption would you do?” she asked, before answering her own question. “When they tell you no booze left on the flight.”

Viewers were outraged, and began tweeting their views.

#Gogglebox @ellieandizzi should be ashamed of themselves saying the united airlines incident would of ‘made a great snapchat story,’” wrote one.

Added another: “The sisters joking that they would put the United Airlines incident on their Snapchat if they were there, they really are thick #gogglebox.”

The official Gogglebox Twitter account also seemed to take a lighthearted approach to the incident, and quoted the girls.

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“When they tell you no booze left on the flight. #SnapchatStory, #UnitedAirlines and #Gogglebox,” they wrote.

One viewer replied: “Not quite sure how you can think that’s appropriate given some one was assaulted?!”

It’s not the first time the girls have been criticised. When the Leeds-based siblings joined the show in 2015, their comments were described as “fake”.

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Meanwhile, this week it was reported that Googlebox producers want the families to remain as down to earth as possible, and have been warned to stay away from showbiz parties.

Said a source: “Channel 4 knows the show works because it’s normal families watching TV in their homes.

“They don’t want so-called celebrities on it.”