Gogglebox stars earn HOW MUCH to sit and watch the telly???

Well, they're not doing it for free!

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Imagine sitting on the sofa watching the telly and getting paid for it!

Sounds like a dream come true, right?

Well, welcome to the lucky lives of the families from Gogglebox.

Yes, if you thought the show’s sofa-stars did the job for fun, think again.

They get paid for it. However, don’t expect to be able to retire on the sum Channel 4 gives them.

According to reports, each of the families taking part are handed a monthly family allowance of £1,500 and split among the family members.

For that fee, each of the families are expected to commit to 12 hours of filming a week across two six-hour shifts.

But there’s more. In addition to the monthly wage, the families receive free takeaways to keep them happy during their six-hour sitting. Lucky them!

However, whitely £1500 a month might not go far, appearing on the popular Channel 4 TV show does open doors which offers some of the show’s lucky stars more financial benefits.

And this will no doubt explain how Scarlett was able to pay off her parents’ mortgage, as she revealed in the jungle this week.

Since becoming a favourite on Gogglebox, the former  disability adviser for students landed a top job as a breakfast radio host for Capital North West.

Earlier this year her autobiography, Scarlett Says, topped the Sunday Times best sellers chart and her soon-to-be-released fitness SuperSlim Me DVD is expected to be a post Christmas sell out.

In addition to that, Scarlett is also believed to have received £70,000 for gobbling bugs in the jungle.

But it seems our Scarlett is a humble lass and and is happy to share the wealth.

In a conversation with Waye Bridge she said:“My aim is to be able to by me mam and dad a caravan, cause they’ve always wanted one. But they are like £20,000, and I really want to be able to buy them one.

“And that’s the dream, everyone wants to be able to look after their mama and dad, like they did when they were younger.

“I paid off their mortgage off their house for them.”

When Wayne asked her “How did that make you feel?”, she replied, “Oh it was the best. I just wrote them a letter and said, thanks for being mint, and sorry for leaving fake tan all over the house, and then I put a cheque in for them.”

Awww what a lovely girl!