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Thursday 9th July 2020

Gogglebox star Sandra Martin loses another person to coronavirus

She's lost five people close to her

Former Gogglebox star Sandra Martin has revealed she's lost another person close to her to coronavirus.

The star shared an emotional post to Twitter on Wednesday, April 1, to tell fans she's lost her sister-in-law's daughter has died.

Sandra, who has lost four people close to her from the virus, posted a picture of herself crying as she wrote: "More tears for me. I ain't stop crying." [Sic]

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Sandra continued: "It's also making my unhappy. My sister-in-law's daughter has also passed away.

"I wish I could be with my brother right now. I'm not used to all of this, it's killing me.

My sister-in-law's daughter has also passed away.

"Everyone is dying daily."

The star then shared a recent interview she did with Sky News, where she said spoke about her fears of the virus after the loss of her close friend.

In the interview, Sandra also said she believes when she would go on Facebook later there "would be more".

Sandra Martin revealed her sister-in-law's daughter has died (Credit:

Sandra tweeted: "I said in this interview that when I go back on Facebook I bet someone else passed away and it's my sister... prayers.

"Only praying can help me. Only God. Please, please pray."

Last week, Sandra sadly revealed her sister-in-law had died after contracting COVID-19.



The TV star recently spoke about losing four people close to her from coronavirus.

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What did she say?

She told Metro: "She did have underlying health issues before she passed away and my brother, who is now in self-isolation is absolutely devastated by it.

"When I found out I started to cry and my daughter told me to pack my bags so I am staying with her in Brixton at the moment."

She added: "My friend’s dad died first, then my brother’s wife died, my uncle died and my good friend from Brixton died, it is all so tragic. What is going on?"

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