Holly Willoughby goes to extreme lengths to stay warm outdoors

Phillip left red-faced – and not from the cold weather!

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When the weather’s as cold as this, you have to do what you can to keep yourself warm.

And Holly Willoughby revealed on today’s This Morning that she’s discovered an ingenious – and somewhat unusual – way to prevent her upper half from catching frostbite on a chilly day.

The blonde presenter made her cheeky confession during a very festive edition of the ITV show that also saw Holly and Phillip Schofield quaffing Prosecco and giggling as Jamie Oliver demonstrated how to stuff a Christmas turkey.

And to think they’re not even supposed to work on Fridays!

Phillip and Holly had to do some presenting outdoors today (Credit: ITV)

Holly’s revelation came as she and Phillip were presenting a Prosecco-tasting segment in freezing conditions outside the ITV studios.

Phillip, 55, tried to assure viewers at home that they weren’t too uncomfortable, explaining that the show’s producers had slipped hand-warmers into their coat pockets.

At that point, Holly, 36, piped up: “I can raise yours, because I’ve got one in each glove and also two in my bra.”

She then laughed: “So if I’m looking a bit flushed, you know why!”

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Well, if anyone was looking flushed (with embarrassment), it was Phillip. But both presenters found themselves chuckling awkwardly when celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, 42, turned up on the show to explain how to prepare the festive turkey.

As the father-of-five caressed the bird, Holly couldn’t contain her giggles, and Phillip quipped: “I feel like I’m peeping through somebody’s curtains!”

Jamie Oliver was on the show to advise on Christmas cooking (Credit: ITV)

And the comedy value went up even further after Jamie asked the two presenters to help him out in the kitchen.

When the time came to carve the meat, Jamie remarked: “Yeah, let me go and get my chopper out!”, causing Holly to crease up laughing again.

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Phillip and Holly don’t usually work Fridays – that job normally goes to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford. But they took the shift today, as they’re off for Christmas all next week.

And their presence on the show left some fans a little confused.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Holly and Phillip on a Friday? Eh? #ThisMorning.”

The usual Friday hosts, Ruth and Eamonn, were given the day off (Credit: ITV)

And another queried: “They making Holly and Phillip work a Friday? #thismorning.”

By the sound of it, the two presenters won’t be complaining too much!