GMB viewers thrilled as Piers Morgan makes explosive return to the show

He's baaack!

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Piers has made his big comeback to Good Morning Britain, after time off from the show for the summer, during which time he broke three ribs in a fall.

The feisty presenter wasted no time getting back into his role next to co-host Susanna Reid, as he became embroiled in an explosive row with a guest on the show. Why are we not surprised?

Susanna was recently reunited with co-host Piers (Credit: Instagram)

Most viewers were happy to have Piers back on the show, taking over from interim hosts Eamonn Holmes, Jeremy Kyle, and Richard Madeley.

Although Richard did a great job it’s fair to say GMB just wasn’t the same without Piers.

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Viewers tweeted their delight at having the controversial personality back on their screens. One fan tweeted: “Gotta love Piers he only tells it how it is and what the viewers are thinking.”

Another said: “Piers Morgan makes mornings so much better.”

A third tweeted: “It’s so good to have Piers Morgan back on in the mornings! Hate to say it but I love that bloke.”

Piers said he’s “in agony” with his ribs as he’s still on the mend. The 52-year-old said on today’s show: “You’ve got to man up.

“I mean, I could have stayed in bed… but it’s all about rising to the challenge. So here I am in agony.”

Credit: ITV
Piers was involved in an explosive debate with a guest on the show (Credit: ITV)

Last night Piers tweeted that he would be coming back to GMB even though his injuries are yet to heal. He said: “I’ll be co-hosting @GMB tomorrow with 3 broken ribs. For the more fragile snowflakes among you, this is called ‘manning up’.”

But it seems that the broken ribs weren’t enough to distract him from blasting a guest on the show during a row over racism. He seemed back to his old self as he became verbally confrontational with sacked L’Oreal transgender model Munroe Bergdof.

Munroe was fired recently from the big beauty brand for saying that “all white people are racist” in a public Facebook post. She argued it had been taken out of context but when Piers questioned her on the remark, the two came to blows.

Piers said he was personally offended by Munroe’s statement, as he said to her: “I want you to explain why we shouldn’t be offended as white people that all white people are party to social violence.”

Credit: ITV
Munroe said her comment was taken out of context (Credit: ITV)

The model replied that her words were taken out of context as it was part of a longer Facebook post.

She explained what she meant by the statement: “Socialisation has placed all white people in a certain privilege, meaning that if you are not dismantling racism or helping to dismantle racism then you are part of the problem, because that makes you complicit.

“You need to actively work with people of colour to put diversity, which [L’Oréal’s] campaign was about, into place. And when L’Oréal fires me for speaking about the origins of racism, that goes completely against what diversity is. The reason we need diversity is because we have racism.”

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Piers couldn’t keep quiet as he then questioned: “You don’t think any white people on the planet are doing what you just suggested?”

Munroe replied: “I didn’t say that. I’m talking about a structure that all white people sit on.

“I’m talking about society, I’m not talking about literally every single white person.”

The two continued to argue and couldn’t seem to agree, as Susanna mostly watched in silence. Awkward!

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