GMB viewers “late for work” after seeing Susanna Reid’s dress

People at home were a little distracted after Monday morning's show

Good Morning Britain viewers were enjoying the show a little too much on Monday morning.

What were they all talking about? Susanna Reid’s plunging neckline of course.

The stunning 46-year-old presenter wore a figure-hugging baby blue dress with a deep V neckline.

Viewers couldn’t take their eyes off of Susanna’s cleavage (Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain)

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But nobody could concentrate on the news segment.

Many took to Twitter to share their delight at what they were watching, and some responded to a photo that her stylist Debbie had uploaded on her own account.

Her stylist Debbie shared a full-length snap of the presenter (Credit: Twitter/@DebbieDresses)

One thought she wasn’t wearing a bra, while another complimented her “stunning” body shape.

Of course, there were also others that got straight to the point and commented on her assets.

One Twitter user said: “Late for work today. I blame @susannareid100. She made it very difficult to get away from the front of the TV this morning”.

Also on the show this morning, Susanna teased Piers for his top button coming undone and blamed it on his “chins”.

The 52-year-old host mocked being offended and said: “Little bit of bodyshaming. You did say that, it’s fat shaming.

Susanna ignored all of the compliments and flirting from her fans (Credit: ITV/GMB)

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Susanna then tried to correct herself and responded: “You always refer to your chins – I never notice!”

She apologised: “I’m so sorry. I’m not fat shaming you.”

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