Lorraine Kelly and daughter

GMB viewers divided as Lorraine Kelly reunites with daughter as she returns from Singapore

Rosie self-isolated for two weeks before reuniting with her parents

TV’s Lorraine Kelly has divided Good Morning Britain after reuniting with her daughter.

Lorraine’s daughter Rosie has been in Singapore but recently returned home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

However, upon her return, Rosie said she went into self-isolation for two weeks before reuniting with her parents.

Lorraine Kelly and daughter on GMB
Lorraine Kelly divided GMB viewers after reuniting with her daughter (Credit: ITGV)

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On Wednesday’s GMB, Lorraine showed the moment she and Rosie met up and enjoyed a walk in the countryside.

The star also sat down and interviewed her daughter on returning back to the UK from Singapore.

What did Lorraine and Rosie say?

Lorraine told viewers: “My daughter Rosie came back home from Singapore two weeks ago.

“She flew out from a deserted Chinese airport and there were only 16 other passengers on the plane.

Lorraine Kelly and daughter on GMB
Rosie self-isolated for two weeks after returning to the UK (Credit: ITV)

“She made the very sensible decision to put herself into self-imposed quarantine for a fortnight and now, she’s back with us.”

Footage showing Lorraine and Rosie enjoying a walk in the sunshine with their family dog Angus then played.

Lorraine and Rosie sat down in front of the cameras to discuss her return home.

You decided off your own back to self-isolate away from us.

Lorraine said: “When you got here, there were no checks or anything at the airport?” as Rosie shook her head.

Rosie said: “It was exactly the same as normal. We were just the only flight to come in.”

Lorraine continued: “You decided off your own back to self-isolate away from us.

“That was a good idea.”

Rosie said: “Yeah I didn’t feel comfortable coming off the flight and straight home.

“It’s a bit of an unknown situation so I’d rather be careful.”

Many viewers were thrilled for Lorraine to have her daughter back, however, others thought the segment was “insensitive”.

Viewers’ thoughts

One person said on Twitter: “Hold on, many of us couldn’t see our parents until this week.

“But #lorraine daughter self quarantines for two weeks after coming back from Asia and sees both parents ‘together’ last weekend?!?”


Another wrote: “Rather insensitive of Lorraine showing she’s reunited with her daughter whilst others can’t see their families…

“Talk about self-centered!”

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A third added: “@reallorraine Can you explain why it is okay for you to see your daughter who flew back from #Singapore yet others can’t see loved one’s because of the lockdown rules.

“Do you honestly think this is fair?!”

Meanwhile, others were pleased to see Lorraine and Rosie reunited.

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