GMB presenters caught red-handed when a VT abruptly ended


Have you ever wondered what presenters do while VTs are playing?

Well, Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan and Richard Arnold have revealed all.

The pair were left red-faced after a recorded segment was unexpectedly cut short and viewers saw what they really do behind the scenes.

Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan and Richard Arnold were caught off guard during Wednesday's show

Richard Arnold was sprawled out on the sofa, along with Piers Morgan as they both had a play on their phones.


While Susanna Reid sat perfectly upright patiently waiting for the VT to finish.

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The pair were seen relaxing on the sofa while playing on their phones after a video interview with Jennifer Lawrence was cut short

The clip had been showing Richard interviewing Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt about their new film Passengers, but it froze, then abruptly cut back to the studio.

Quickly jumping to position, Richard turned to producers and said: “Oh! What happened there?”

Viewers didn't get to see the end of his interview with the Hollywood stars

Piers added: “Oh blimey! This is awkward.”

Susanna poked fun at the pair and said: “I love the fact that you two were just sat on your phones.”

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A somewhat riled Richard could be seen asking what had happened to members of production

Richard and Piers tried to laugh it off by joking they were texting each other.

Piers said: “It’s the only way I can communicate with him without involving my lawyer.”

Good save, Piers.