GMB announces elderly man rescued from Grenfell Tower is in intensive care

The 70-year-old was seen waving from the block yesterday to get firefighters' attention

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In heartbreaking footage aired on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain, an elderly man was shown waving a piece of clothing outside of his flat window in Grenfell Tower.

The Asian man, who they called Elpie Bonafacio was rescued after a staggering 12 hours of being trapped in his own home while the fire surrounding him.

On Thursday morning’s show, presenter Susanna Reid said: “Yesterday on the programme we brought you those pictures of a man waving a cloth or a jumper from the window of his flat in the burning building.

Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid tell viewers that Elpie is in intensive care (Credit: ITV/GMB)

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“Now, he seemed to be in contact with firefighters. Lots of you got in touch yesterday to try and find out if he was rescued. His son has confirmed that he is safe but in intensive care.”

Elpie is believed to be in his 70s and partially blind and it is also thought he had been resident in the flat for 30 years.

The poor man was stuck on the eleventh floor for over 12 hours (Credit: ITV/GMB)

The footage of him shouting out for help distressed many, with some taking to Twitter to ask people to keep them updated on his safety.

But now, a relative of his has shared a message to say that he is now in hospital.

Firefighters climbed up to rescue him after he got their attention by shouting and waving for help (Credit: ITV/GMB)

Gordon Bonifacio said: “He’s not out of the woods yet due to serious smoke inhalation.

“We’re currently by his side in intensive care.”

Fingers crossed he makes a swift recovery.

A relative of Elpie’s has come forward to say that he has “serious smoke inhalation” (Credit: ITV/GMB/Facebook)

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Over 200 firefighters fought to put on the huge fire in the residential building.

It has now been confirmed that 17 people are confirmed dead, with hundreds still unaccounted for.

More than 70 people are also in hospital, and some in critical condition.

The cause it still unknown, but many are saying that it could have had something to do with a faulty fridge.

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