GMB presenters amazed at baby Faith who beat all odds to live

The adorable baby comes from the world's oldest frozen egg

The Good Morning Britain presenters had an amazing little guest on their sofa this morning.

Hosts Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway welcomed baby Faith, who comes from the world’s oldest frozen egg.

Faith was born after her mum Alannah, 30, beat cancer three times. She was first diagnosed with the disease aged 15, and after beating it, she got it again two years later.

Little Faith might not have been around if Alannah hadn’t frozen her eggs (Credit: ITV)

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She had her eggs frozen when she was 17 after her older sister told her to, despite being nowhere near wanting a baby.

“I was poorly at the time and didn’t think much about anything. It wasn’t on my radar about having children,” Alannah explained to Ben and Kate.

“I was so ill my parents were concentrating on making me better, so it wasn’t on their radar. But my sister was in her early 20s, she wondered if it would affect me being able to reproduce.”

Ben Shephard couldn’t stop cooing over their adorable guest (Credit: ITV)

She fought cancer for the second time, but in her early 20s she found a lump in her neck.

Her husband Andy said: “We’d come back off holiday and found a lump in her neck, and she instantly knew what it was. I was sat there not really taking it in.

“I was thinking it will be OK, but then the reality set in. It was just unbelievable shock.”

Staggeringly, Alannah fought the disease again, and decided to start a family using the eggs she froze 13 years earlier.

Proud parents Andy and Alannah are amazed at their miracle baby, Faith (Credit: ITV)

“I didn’t realise how old she was in terms of the egg!

“We were told what was going to happen bit by bit, so when she was thawed out, you can lose 65% of eggs, and that’s a lot when you have seven.”

What’s more, proving that Faith really is a miracle, Alannah only ended up having two viable eggs to implant.

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“It’s a miracle we didn’t lose any [after thawing]. There are so many ways of losing eggs – they can die after a day. We had five eggs survive, then three weren’t of good quality. The final two were good, not excellent, so we had both implanted.”

Only one egg took, and how amazing to finally have little Faith after such a battle.

Ben loved seeing Faith and noted that this week has been a tough one, but Faith “shows there are moments of joy and there are still little miracles.”

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