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GMB guest apologises to Kate Garraway over comment about husband Derek

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry"

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GMB host Kate Garraway had an awkward exchange with guest Ingrid Tarrant on air this morning after she made a comment about her husband Derek Draper.

The pair were debating whether mums should stop spoiling their sons on Good Morning Britain when the awkward exchange occurred.

“I think I might be guilty of this with my son”, said Kate.

“One of the reasons why is, it feels like the more he grows up, there are so many complicated things you can’t fix for them.

“And so when they say, ‘I’m hungry, can you cook me a meal?’ or ‘where’s my shirt?’ it feels like something I can fix.

“It’s like I’m protecting that, in terms of the things I can’t protect them form.”

Kate Garraway is seen outside Global Radio Studios in London.
GMB presenter Kate has an awkward encounter with guest on air (Credit: Cover Images)

Ingrid Tarrant, Chris Tarrant’s ex-wife, seemed to forget Kate’s husband’s health woes and replied: “A lot of mothers do that, but imagine it was your husband saying to you, ‘I’m hungry, make me a meal, iron my shirts’.

“You’re effectively creating that child to do that later on in life.”

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Kate said: “I mean he can’t do that at the moment, my husband, but he did used to do that of course, so maybe I’ve only got myself to blame.”

Realising she had made matters awkward and accidentally outspoken, Ingrid replied: “I know, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

Kate Garraway’s husband

Kate has been a carer for her husband Derek, 54, ever since he fell ill after contracting Covid-19 in March 2020.

Even though Derek returned to the family home more than a year later, he still requires 24-hour care.

Ingrid Tarrant

Mother of two Ingrid said on GMB that she believes parents should not spoil their sons.

Her two sons have both moved out to live with partners. On GMB this morning, Ingrid expressed that her potential ‘daughter-in-laws’ are grateful for the way she has raised her sons.

Ingrid, said: “Toby’s fiancé has thanked me. She said, ‘thank you so much, you’ve bought him up beautifully’.

“He [Toby] will cook, help out and do what he can. He doesn’t leave things lying around and expect her to pick them up.”

Ingrid Tarrant speaking on GMBMB
Ingrid apologises to Kate about comment concerning husband Derek (Credit: ITV Hub)

Thomas Skinner

Former Apprentice contestant, Thomas Skinner also featured on the show to discuss the GMB question with guest Ingrid and presenters Kate and Ben Shephard.

Thomas has a one-year-old son and admits to being a mummy’s boy himself.

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“If I say to my mum ‘mum I need my shirt ironed’ she’ll say ‘of course, drop it round'”, Thomas said.

“I go round and have a bit of dinner with my mum. She looks after. I love it.”

When Kate’s colleague Ben asked if Thomas knew how to iron himself, the apprentice star, said: “I can’t work the iron. I’m terrible.”

He admitted he has never had to iron and if his mum isn’t free to do help him out, his wife will do it for him.

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