Boris Johnson's plane

GMB fans divided as government spends £900k on painting Boris Johnson’s plane

Taxpayers will pick up the bill

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The prime minster was criticised on Good Morning Britain today (June 18).

Government officials have confirmed plans to give Boris Johnson’s plane a £900k makeover – with the taxpayer footing the bill.

Inspired by the Union Jack, the RAF Voyager will be painted red, white and blue.

Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth
Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth. criticised Boris Johnson’s plane plans (Credit: ITV)

Boris Johnson’s plane plans criticised

Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth ridiculed the plans on GMB this morning.

He said: “What are they painting it with for £900,000? Gold leaf or something?”

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As pointed out by Ben Shephard, the government believes the plane makeover will boost Britain’s presence on the global stage.

But the Shadow Health Secretary strong disagreed.

Boris will use £900k of taxpayer’s money to paint the aircraft (Credit: Splash News)

He hit back: “This is going to give us status on the global stage? Boris Johnson’s red aeroplane? No. Pull the other one!

“Is this really the priority during a national crisis?

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“We can’t get our kids back to school, we’ve got one of the highest death rates for coronavirus in the world, we’ve got people worried about losing their jobs when the furlough scheme comes to an end and this is what the government are going on about.

“It’s not really a priority, is it?

Jonathan then joked he could save the prime minister some money: “I’ll get my daughter to do it for £50,000 – how about that?”

Ben Shephard
Ben Shephard suggested the paint job could boost Britain’s presence on the global stage (Credit: ITV)

GMB debate divides viewers

The discussion caused devision among those tuning in at home.

Some supported the government’s decision to give Boris’ plane a Union Jack makeover.

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“GMB dumbing down on Boris plane paint job,” one viewer tweeted.

“Planes need specialist paint to withstand extreme weather in altitudes, to resist all different toxins, needs to be highly durable, flexible and lightweight and is probably part of scheduled maintenance…all key safety factors.”

Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth
Jonathan joked his daughter would paint Boris’ plane for half the price (Credit: ITV)

Another added: “No one in the government is going on about painting a plane – you are a bunch of left wing idiots – hope you get shut down by Ofcom – morons presenting, morons running the show.”

However, others did not support the decision to use taxpayers’ money on Boris Johnson’s plane.

Especially at the cost of the taxpayer.

One viewer tweeted: “Boris spends £900,000 to repaint a plane and thinks thats money well spent to represent Britain #priorities.”

A second then added: “Boris wants to be like Trump so bad with his fancy plane! #GMB.”

“Sounds like an April fools joke, £900,000 for Boris’s plane makeover, bloody ridiculous!! #GMB,” added a third.

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