Girls Aloud star teams up with rival girl bander in exciting pop combo

This is very exciting news

It’s been too long since Girls Aloud released a song and we miss them.

Luckily we kind of know what the members of Girls Aloud have been up to since the triumphant Something New.

Cheryl’s playing mum, Kimberley is on a kids’ show, Nadine is the US, and Sarah has reportedly just signed up for CBB.

But what about the gorgeous Nicola Roberts.

Where has she disappeared to?

We loved Girls Aloud. But where has Nicola Roberts been all this time? (Credit: Instagram)

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Well, last week there was a rare spotting of the ginger one.

And there are rumours that she is about to burst back on the scene in a very special way that will make girl band fans giddy with glee.

Nicola was spotted having a boogie at this week’s Warner Music and GQ summer party at London’s new hotspot Nobu Shoreditch with Vanessa White from The Saturdays.

Since The Saturdays took time out Vanessa has attempted to launch a solo career. (Credit: Instagram)

While it might have looked like ex girl banders enjoying themselves during their resting times, it’s believed that the dancing divas have united to form a supergroup.

According to reports, the sassy stars have been holed up in a recording studio, secretly producing songs for a musical mash up.

Nicola released a critically acclaimed album called Cinderella’s Eyes (Credit: Instagram)

“Nicola and Vanessa have become close friends and have been hanging out a lot at the studio where they discovered their connection goes beyond friendship,” a source has told The Sun.

Nicola might be rarely seen but she is busy writing songs for other people (Credit: Instagram)

“Since leaving their girl bands, both have gone down an alternative route and have hit it off on a musical level too.

“It’s pop, but alternative. Watch this space.”

It’s believed Vanessa and Nicola have been holed u in a studio recording songs (Credit: Instagram)

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The girls are so close that they enjoyed some time away together in Ibiza, where they sunbathed, and rock climbed and kayaked.

Although little has been seen of Nicola recently, she has written songs for stars like Cheryl, Little Mix and Lethal Bizzle.

Nicola released a critically acclaimed album called Cinderella’s Eyes, while Vanessa attempted to release a single.