Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts allegedly hurled abuse at motorcyclist after knocking him off bike

Road incident occurred last month

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Former Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts reportedly crashed her £60,000 Porsche into a motorbike, then hurled abuse at its driver.

Motorcyclist Jason Giles, 21, claims the popstar was more concerned with the damage to her car than his well-being, after he landed in the middle of the road.

Roberts allegedly turned left into a no entry road, swerving into Giles and flinging him from his bike.

Roberts was driving her 60k Porsche (Credit: Instagram)

Giles, a landscape gardener, told The Sun: “She shouted, ‘You [expletive] idiot. What the [expletive] did you do that for? Look what you’ve done to my Porsche!

“’You’ve only got a broken mudguard, do you know how much this will cost?’

“She didn’t seem to care about me. Her only concern was her car.”

Roberts pictured with bessie Cheryl (Credit: FameFlynet)

Apparently, Giles’s £850 bike was written off after the accident.

He escaped with cuts and bruises.

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Roberts reportedly refused to hand over documentation following the crash at first, eventually agreeing when Giles’s girlfriend arrived and persuaded her.

A spokesperson for Roberts has said: ‘Nicola was involved in a traffic incident and passed the details on to her insurance company who have been investigating it.

“The claims that she swore at the other driver are false.”

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Giles was doing about 25mph when the crash happened in east Twickenham, south west London at 3.10pm on June 14.

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