‘Girl-on-girl’ romance for I’m A Celebrity campmates?

Show bosses are said to be hoping for it!

Now, you might want to take this story with a pinch of salt, but the Daily Star is reporting that I’m A Celebrity bosses have some rather saucy hopes for a couple of their campmates.

The tabloid is reporting that producers are feeling a little hot under their indoor scarves at the prospect of Ola Jordan and Sam Quek getting romantically familiar with each other.

Yes, let’s forget for one second that small matter of Ola being married, for the Strictly Come Dancing beauty was snapped smooching with buddy Caroline Flack in 2014, who was a contestant on her show at the time.

Apparently, one of those very well-placed sources told the red top: “There are almost no singletons this year so bosses are hoping that Ola might provide entertainment elsewhere.

“She’s a very attractive lady with a history of locking lips with the same sex so anything is possible.”

Anything is possible? Wow. We doubt that every much. Even after the watershed.

There’s no doubting Olympian hockey player Sam, 28, and Ola, 34, appear to have formed a strong friendship in the jungle.

And looking red-hot in their bikinis as they shower together has planted a few excitable seeds in some people’s minds.

Indeed, even Ola’s husband James tweeted “Let’s hope @The_OlaJordan and Sam have to have a mud fight together in their bikinis.”

Riiiiiight. But while it seems okay for a woman to get up close and dirty with his wife, James has made it clear the boys had better keep a respectful distance.

In an interview last week, he said of potential flirting in the jungle: “It’s to be expected. She’s a gorgeous girl and if they hit on her, they hit on her.”

Then he added: “Maybe I’ll smash their face in when they get out.”