Giovanna Fletcher posts hilarious pic of her cheeky son’s, er, ‘artwork’…

She's such a forgiving mum!

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Author Giovanna Fletcher has melted fans’ hearts everywhere with a hilarious Instagram post about her cheeky little son Buddy’s ‘artwork’.

The mum-of-two, who also has son, Buzz, four, added a photo of the two-year-old looking innocent, beside a door covered in scribbles.

mrsgifletcher Instagram
Look at that little face! (Credit: mrsgifletcher Instagram)

She wrote: “‘You turn your back for two seconds…’ is a phrase we’ve all heard countless times when hearing about the wild / cheeky / explorative adventures of children.

“Thanks for the artwork Buddy Bob Fletcher. And yes, he did decide to put Buzz’s Pjs on over his own clothes… it’s one of his new favourite things to do. Xxx.”

mrsgifletcher Instagram
Giovanna is a proud mum of two – with a third baby on the way! (Credit: mrsgifletcher Instagram)

Her 950k followers found the picture funny, with one writing: “That FACE though! You couldn’t get mad… 😂😍.”

Another commented: “You are beautiful inside & out. A fantastic Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt & friend. You’re also very intelligent, you shine x.”

A third added: “The adorable look of innocence 😊.”

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It comes after the podcaster posted a touching birthday tribute on Instagram to her “hilarious friend”, Emma Willis on Monday.

Next to a picture of the presenter, she joked that the Celebrity Big Brother star may have once sent her into labour!

(credit: mrsgifletcher Instagram)
Giovanna with best pal Emma Willis while pregnant with son Buzz (Credit: mrsgifletcher Instagram)

Beside a four-year-old picture of the pair, cuddled up together when Giovanna was pregnant with her first son, Giovanna wrote: “Each year, on the night before Buzz’s Birthday, this picture comes up in my Timehop.

“I’m not sure if my waters had gone by this point (I did stay and eat my dinner) or if it was Emma’s touch that made Buzz decide he was ready to break free, but I was so glad Emma was by my side that night.”

(credit: mrsgifletcher Instagram)
These two are friendship goals! (Credit: mrsgifletcher Instagram)

The blogger added: “She’ll forever be my laidback, loyal and hilarious friend who I’m so thankful to have in my life. She is a beaut. Her outer beauty speaks for itself, but it’s the woman inside that is the true champion. Happy belated Birthday Willis. Love you! Xxx.”

The pair are both married to members of boyband McBusted, who combined Busted and McFly in 2013 to form a supergroup.

Instagram @mrsgifletcher
With husband Tom (Credit: mrsgifletcher Instagram)

Giovanna is married to Tom Fletcher and they recently announced a third child is on the way.

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