“It gets worse when I drink!” Vicky Pattison hits back at jibes!

Queen Of The Jungle explains her much talked about tic

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When Vicky Pattison slurred and gurned her way through a segment of The Xtra Factor recently, concerns were raised.

Know-it-all viewers were fast to stick their unwanted oar in and question what was going on with the ex-Geordie Shore star, insinuating all manner of reasons, with comments like, “That’s not just a casual grinding of teeth. That girls got something else causing that mammoth gurn.”

But our Vicks has had enough of the speculation that she might have been under the influence of something dodgy and explained what is really going on with her rather over active jaw.

“My jaw movement is something that I’ve always done. I did it in the jungle and I got stick for it,” she says. “It gets worse when I drink and I didn’t drink once in the jungle, yet people were still questioning it.”

This isn’t the first time facial twinges have caused controversy!

At the start of the year Vicky was forced to vehemently deny that her gurning in the I’m A Celebrity… jungle was the result of her taking drugs. “In what world would I have been able to take drugs into the jungle,” she argued at the time, explaining: “I grind my teeth and have done since I was a kid.

“It’s something I’ve always done when I’m stressed. It must have looked odd, but for me it’s normal. I couldn’t even get a Mars bar in there, so what makes people think I could get drugs? It’s ridiculous!”

Meanwhile, on a romantic tip, Vicky, who has enjoyed flings with rippling Alex Cannon and Mario Falcone, says that she is yet to pin down a man right who is for her.

“I haven’t been a complete nun, but I haven’t met anyone who’s held my interest,” she told OK!. “It’d take a very specific man to be okay with me and my lifestyle.”

“I’m quite emasculating so whoever I end up with is going to have to be masculine.”

Indeed they must be, as Vicky will also have to find someone who doesn’t mind the fact that she has far from perfect feet!

When she recently undertook a Coppafeel charity trek to Iceland, she ended up losing part of one of her little piggies that may never grow back. Intrigued? of course you are….

“I only got my walking boots a few days before we went so I didn’t have time to try them on and they didn’t fit properly.

“I was trying to be a man about it but when I got back from the first day of walking, my foot was the size of a dinner plate. The top of my little toe had turned white so I got drunk and I pulled it off.

“Even talking about is making me feel sick. I got it checked out when I was back and thankfully everything is okay, but the doctor said my toenail would never grow back.” Ew.

I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp kicks off in a couple of weeks time.

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