Georgina Leigh’s Ex on the Beach EXCLUSIVE: “I have NO sympathy for Lillie, she plays the victim”

CBB star thinks the EOTB star asks to be cheated on

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Here goes, for the second to last time this series!

I have literally not got one ounce of sympathy for Lille. She’s sitting there snogging off Bear’s face in front of Gary, getting sad when Gary kisses someone… and then Bear has picked up on the fact she’s a push over and played on it. Yeah of course it was wrong what Bear did, kissing Chrysten, but she should have left him. She’s the one letting boys do it to her!

You can’t always blame men. I think some girls can be as bad as the men… look at Jemma, and Olivia! I think people have got looser morals today, and have lost the value of a relationship and how valuable trust is with a person. It takes years to build and seconds to break… whatever that phrase is!

In terms of Bear cheating on Lille… I just couldn’t be with someone as drippy as her, and always playing the victim. I mean, he shows how lazy he is if he can’t wait to bed a girl. He just wants to get an easy leg over, that’s all and if she can’t see that then more fool her for even bothering with him.

I get cheated on because of the guys I go for, but she clearly is asking for it. What’s that phrase, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Wow I am full of sayings!

We all know from watching CBB that Bear does things for attention, he camera hogs… He sees it as entertainment, but I am sure the people in the villa see it as out of order!! I probably would too if I was there, he is a grade A shit stirrer.

I’d literally never date Bear. He’s not unattractive, but he speaks like a cretin and he has no respect for women, or himself.

I have traditional values. I want one man and that’s it. As soon as my eye wanders then I know it’s over with the current BF. But so many girls don’t believe in it and are way too into backstabbing for their own satisfaction, but they never put the boot on the other foot. They never sit there and think, ‘Hang on, if I was being cheated on with an ex or whoever, how would I like it?’ How horrid would it make me feel?’

Further thoughts on Chrysten now she’s been around a little longer… For one, she’s clearly shit at keeping a secret! She has a good body, but she looks SO young! But I am cursed with a baby face, 26 looking 15. I just think she has no girl code, she’s IN the villa with these girls, who can all easily turn on her, and should, if they follow girl code. Let’s wait and see for next week’s episode!

One final thing… Bear and the eyeliner: if men want to take care of themselves, then that’s up to them. Eyeliner is a tad too far though….!

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