Georgina Leigh Cantwell EOTB EXCLUSIVE: “If Jem Lucy was a guy, nobody would be angry”

ED! columnist Georgina believes that double standards are in play

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Let’s be honest. If Jem was a guy, nobody would be angry with him for this behaviour.

I think it was bang out of order for Kayleigh to throw her clothes everywhere, I am SURE Kayleigh would go absolutely bonkers if it was done to her.

She kicks off over the smallest things! Imagine how Kayleigh feels seeing Chloe Kahn with Ashley now! Yikes.

As for Lillie Lexie and Bear… I would say to her, you naive cry baby.

This show has been out for years! She knew exactly what she was signing up to by going on the show.

It isn’t like it was a surprise that ex’s and drama would be involved.

Lillie is a hypocrite! She kisses Bear in front of Gary and then cries when he kisses her forehead!?!

At least he isn’t necking on with Olivia on the sofa in front of her – like she’s doing to him.

I agree with Gaz… she really gave him the green light to go have sex.

I tell you who won’t be missed though… Jordan.

All he does is chase the girls like a lost puppy… he will not be missed!

This could all be like The Jeremy Kyle Show but at least Jezzer is trying to mediate between the couples. Here, the producers are probably stirring to create drama! It’s reality TV, what do the cast expect.

It would be so good to get through an episode without Lillie crying. To be honest, she’ll cry if Gary didn’t say good morning to her. She’s got to get over it.

It’s beyond me as to why she’d sign up for a show that is so nasty when it comes to exes… she’s too weak for this show.

They’re all pretty horrific though. You can’t warm to them because they’re out doing the next stupid thing. The minute they are decent they screw it up again.

I’ve managed to stay  friends with one or two of my exes but we don’t talk all the time. Maybe once a year! Ha.

Hardly ever really. I just don’t need to be friends with them really!

It actually bothers me when guys are friends with their exes.

I’d never do EOTB though. Just happy to enjoy watching it!

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