Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry opens up about family heartache!

The feisty lass reveals a secret pain that has left her feeling angry!

She might be a feisty lass on Geordie Shore, but recently Chloe Ferry has shown a much more sensitive side.

Just recently she confessed that she had had a tough time at school because she was unable to read or write.

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Now she has revealed that her family life was rocked when her dad left her and her mum to fend for themselves.

And it would appear she;s not the forgiving type as she is adamant that she never wants to see him again.

The reality star says as far as she is concerned, her dad is dead to her after he left her mum to struggle alone.

In a new interview, the reality beauty said her dad upped and left when she was just six and left her to be raised by her loving mum and devoted gran in Newcastle.

Speaking to the Sun she said: “Probably the hardest thing I have ever had to go through was when my mum and dad was breaking up.

“But I was very young. I was six or something. It was quite a hard situation.

“I know my dad, but I don’t really speak to him. I don’t really like him. I don’t care too much about him because my mam did everything for us.

She went on to reveal that after he left he didn’t give her mum much financial support.

“He never gave us money to help my mum out. Now I always treat my mum to everything she wants.

“I pay for her holiday, her car, her house. I don’t want speak to my dad any anymore. I won’t see him again. I’m not really bothered.”

This admission follows her shock confession that she struggled at school because couldn’t get her head around reading and writing and is having tests for dyslexia.

“I didn’t really enjoy school. I had a bit of a bad time there because I found it very hard to read and write. So I would skive school a lot.

“I went to high school, I had to do an extra year to do my GCSEs. But I didn’t like it there.

“I felt a bit embarrassed that I was [behind] at school. I found it harder to learn than other school kids. I felt awful.”

Because of this embarrassment, she skived off school a lot.

“My mum would go to work and I would go back home and stay in bed and watch films and telly and eat rubbish. She wasn’t happy when she found out. I would pretend I was ill.”

Now 22, she says she is slowly getting a grasp of reading and writing.

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“I have got a lot better now. My reading has got better,” Chloe, who has a her own make up range called By Chloe Ferry, says.

” Now I like to learn about stuff, when people talk about the Victorian times I am always listening cos now I feel I am capable of listening and learning like stuff about dinosaurs.

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