Geordie Shore star in tears after co-star slams her weight

The Newcastle babe was called "fat" despite losing two stone

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Any Geordie Shore fan knows that Chloe Ferry and Marty Mckenna’s relationship is more up and down than a rollercoaster – but it has hit an all-time low.

The pair are known for throwing insults at each other, but Marty took it WAY too far when he fired this insult at his girlfriend.

It all started when co-star Marnie Simpson launched a drink at Marty’s face when he was seen kissing two girls.

Fuming, Marty told the camera: “Last night Marnie f*****g ruined my threesome. We’re done.”

Marnie later told him: “You know what I don’t like?… I don’t like people who try and use Chloe as an excuse to start arguments.

“I will argue with you until I’m black and blue in the face because trust me I can control my temper more than you think.”

Marty then lashes out at Marnie and Chloe, screaming: “You’re a two-faced c**t! F**k off!”

Chloe then hit back: “No one likes you! Where’s your friends? I’ve got mine. They’ve left you!”

Marty then crossed the line by telling her: “You’re fat as f**k!”

He knows that she’s been working hard to get in shape like former co-star Charlotte Crosby.

Understandably, Chloe then burst into tears, while Marty seemed to realise he’d made a mistake immediately.

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He said to the camera: “Why the f**k did I just say that? That was a step too far.

“All them backed us in to a corner and it just slipped out. This is what happens when I get on the defensive, I say stupid things.

“I know I can’t take it back but I really wish I could.”

While pals Holly Hagan and Marnie tried to comfort Chlo, she said: “I don’t feel confident anymore, he’s made us feel very small.

“No boy has ever made us feel this insecure about myself.

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“I think he gets to us so much is because I like him so much.

“I thought I was good looking and now I just feel so ugly all the time.”

Chloe’s insecurities have been clear since she joined the Newcastle-based show, and her growing cosmetic procedures are without a doubt a result of this.

We think you’re beautiful inside and out Chlo!

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