Geordie Shore star escapes prison sentence after being found guilty of attack on woman

Another Toon town reality star falls foul of the law

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Reality stars from shows such as Ex On the Beach and Geordie Shore are notorious for their outrageous behaviour.

So it comes as little surprise when they just happen to land themselves in hot water for peeing in the street or something equally uncooth!

But one star of Geordie Shore has ended up losing half her income after being found guilty of attacking a woman on a night out.

Chantelle Connelly (remember her?) had denied hat she has lashed out at the 22-year-old accuser on a night out in the Toon but was convicted by magistrates today.

Chantelle was accused of attacking a girl on a night out in Newcastle (Credit: Instagram)

She was issued with a 12-month community order, 200 hours of unpaid work, and to pay £2,500 compensation to her victim, £620 court costs and an £85 surcharge.

Newcastle Magistrates’ Court agreed that Connelly can pay that off at £100 a month.

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However aides for the ‘star’ have said the punishment will be detrimental to Chantelle’s career, which so far has consisted of arguing, boozing and having a sex on Geordie Shore!

Her defending barrister John Wesencraft said: “There is going to be quite a catastrophic effect on Miss Connelly’s income as a result of these proceedings.”

He went on to argue that outside of the show she had been able to make money from endorsements on social media, even though she had quit the MTV show last year.

Chantelle has now left Geordie Shore and this charge could threaten her earnings generated from social media endorsements (credit:Instagram)

“Prior to these proceedings her income was fairly substantial, it has roughly halved since these proceedings,” he said.

“She has largely been dropped by the people who were putting work in her direction.”

He also argued that her monthly outgoings exceeded her income and that the bank was starting to breath down her neck.

Chantelle is furious about the situation as she claims she didn’t attack the woman.

However according to the brutalised victim Chantelle had been in a bar with the victim and eventually got chatting to an ex boyfriend and demanded of him if he had been with this other girl.

In court the prosecutor said the victim was intimidated as Connelly screamed at her in the face.

Chantelle maintains that the attack was a case of mistaken identity (credit: Instagram)

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Even after the victim and her pals had headed off to Powerhouse nightclub,  Connelly apparently caught up with the group and snatched the victim’s phone out of her hand to check Facebook for messages from her ex.

A court heard that the argument escalated and the victim suffered a cut to the mouth, which needed stitches as well as a fractured wrist.

Chantelle maintains that it was a case of mistaken identity and that she was nowhere near the area on the night of the incident.

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